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Chat Transcript

  • Amit Trivedi

    Nov,09,2015, 16:00 hrs

    Equity investments simplified

    Amit Trivedi , Author & Founder, Karmayog Knowledge

  • atdevarajan: How often one should review his mutual funds. What are the parameters used to decide if one has to discontinue or continue to invest in a particular fund if the objective is maximize returns with medium risk.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    The review frequency should be between 6 months to 2 years - not too frequent and not too infrequent also. One should focus on looking at any material changes in investment objectives or investment strategies. Scheme performance may vary depending on the cycle in the market, which is difficult for anyone to predict

  • guest: how to start investment in begining

  • Amit Trivedi:

    The first step is to identify your investment objectives - your financial goals. Based on the goals and your ability and willingness to take risks, you arrive at how much money may be invested in which asset category. Only after that you start choosing the investment options within the asset category

  • guest: I want to open NRO account for stock market, if any gain in stock market , is it taxable ?

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Please consult a tax expert for this.

  • guest: How to choose which MF to choose while investing

  • Amit Trivedi:

    The process begins with identification of your goals and risk appetite. Once you have done that, comes the question of selecting individual schemes. I suggest you may define your criteria like scheme`s risk profile (some take more risks than others, while some are very conservative, even within the same peer group).You may also want to look at the track record of the fund house and the fund management team. Please do not chase recent past performance, but look for long-term performance across various cycles.

  • atdevarajan: If objective is to maximize returns from mutual funds investments in a duration of 7 years for an investment of 40 lacs with medium risk, what are the parameters to be considered for selection of funds.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Maximum returns will not come with moderate risks. For that your willingness to take risks should also be high. Else, settle for moderate returns, please

  • sugath: Hello, which would be the couple of Large & Mid cap mutual fund investments with a 3 year investment period with minimum risk

  • Amit Trivedi:

    3 years is short period for equity - too risky. You are also considering mid-cap funds, which is even riskier. And on top your expectation is "minimum risk". Sorry, such funds are not available.If someone claims to have such a fund, run away with all your money

  • guest: Dear Sir, i want to buy sbi blur ship fund and axix elss scheme . please tell me is this polish is best for investment.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    I am sorry, no comments on any specific scheme

  • guest: I invested Rs. 50000 in Unitech Fixed Diposit (12.5%) in quarterly interest payout mode and principal payment March,2016. But from April 2015, they are not paying interest. Also got a letter stating the approval from Company Law Board to extend time. But they also instructed company to carryout interest payment at least. What can I do if they default?

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Unfortunately, this is a case of taking credit risk in order to earn the high interest rate that the FD offered. You may write to Company Law Board and wait for their help. I am not sure of the final outcome, but many depositors are waiting for their money

  • joysanta: Happy Dhanteras! Purchased ICICI balanced fund(monthly dividend) and DSP black rock opportunities & DSP focus 25 Pls advise accordingly.

  • Amit Trivedi:

    Happy Dhanteras. What advice is required if you have already purchased? Please clarify.