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Chat Transcript

  • Dr Renu Pothen

    Jan,21,2014, 14:00 hrs

    Mutual Fund Guide

    Dr Renu Pothen , Research Head, iFAST Financial India

  • guest: I wanted to invest in ELSS fund which has more concentration on Infrastructure and real state stock as in my opinion they are going to give good return in next 3 yrs. Whats your take on this. Please suggest some good fund where can I park money

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    If you are looking at investing in funds with an exposure into infrastructure, then consider investing into specific infrastructure funds.However, for ELSS you can consider funds like Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver and Axis Long Term Equity Fund,which are diversified equity funds.

  • srikumar1976: Hi, I am investing in Quantum LongTerm Equity, ICICI Pru Dynamic, ICICI Pru Banking & Fin Services, ICICI Pru Export & Other Services, HDFC Midcap Opportunities funds. Can I continue investing in these funds ? Also want to add Franklin US Opportunities, SBI Magnum Midcap. Please suggest?

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    You can go ahead with the US Opportunities Fund. On the other hand, instead of SBI Midcap Fund,you can consider SBI Emerging Business Fund ,which is an aggressive fund in the midcap space.

  • ronycoop: Mam, I have invested in HDFC Mid Cap Opp, ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip, Reliance Equity Oppor, SBI EB & UTI Oppor all in growth option. Total Investment is 116000 presently it is 148000 all are above one year should I get out completely and come in later or only book profit also let me know if my investments are well diversified if no how to split the amount Thanks

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    All the funds in the portfolio are the best performers in their respective categories. I would suggest that you need to hold onto these funds till the goals for which this portfolio was constructed are fulfilled. You should not take an exit call in equity funds in a short time period on the basis of profits generated in 1 year, but hold onto it for a long time period.However,you can review your portfolio once in a year. Your investments are fairly diversified.

  • narendermishra1: Hi, I am 28 years old and invested in following direct schemes through SIP, since last 5 months: 1. ICICI pru focused bluechip- 2000 2. UTI opportunities- 2000 3. Birla SL frontline equity- 2000 4. ICICI export & other Services- 2000 5. IDFC Premier Equity- 2000 6. SBI Pharma- 1000 My investment time horizon is 15-20 years. Should I continue with these schemes or need any changes? Please advise.

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    You can continue with the existing schemes. However you need to review your portfolio once in a year.

  • Parakat_gk: I had invested in \"Reliance Natural Resources (G) Fund\" and have stay invested since inception, what will be your take on staying invested in this fund. And what will be your pick for the best IT Fund.

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    Reliance Natural Resources Fund has not been performing for some time now. You can take an exit call in this fund at an appropriate time. As far as an IT Fund is considered, you can invest into ICICI Prudential Technology Fund

  • gopalakiran: Is it a good time to invest in sectorial funds?. I\`m interested to know more about banking funds? If yes, suggest the right ones?

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    If you are an aggressive investor you can invest into sectoral funds. However, as these funds are volatile you will have to be patient with your investments. We are positive on the banking space and our recommended fund here is ICICI Prudential Banking & Financial Services Fund.

  • ajani24413: hi, i want to knw the wht is much benifited plan to invest for short term???? regards Ashita

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    If you are looking at a time horizon of 3 months to 6 months then you can consider ultra short term funds. You can consider funds like Templeton India Ultra Short Bond Fund or Axis Treasury Advantage Fund.However,if your time horizon is upto a year,then you can invest into short term funds like PineBridge India Short Term Fund or UTI Short Term Fund.

  • prasananand: I\`m 32 years old & I want to invest in equities through mutual fund. My purpose is for wealth creation for long term goals (more then 10 years) & saving on taxes as i\`m in 30% tax bracket. Can you suggest which schemes should i invest in for achieving this target. Also, can you suggest how & where to invest around Rs 25 lac in addition to my monthly savings. I\`m having a high risk approach, since I want to remain invested for a long term (15-20 years). Am I correct in my assumption that even though I invest in very risky instruments, my long term approach will result in achieving my targets.

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    As you have not mentioned your risk profile, I will not be able to construct an appropriate portfolio for you. As for tax saving, you can consider funds like Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver and Axis Long Term Equity Fund. You can invest Rs.25 lakh into a debt instrument if your investment horizon is between 3 months to 2 years. However if you have a longer time horizon, then you can take an exposure into equity funds. You should invest into risky instruments only if you have the appetite for the same as these can be very volatile.