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  • Dr Renu Pothen

    Feb,21,2013, 14:00 hrs

    A sensible approach to mutual fund investments

    Dr Renu Pothen , Research Head,

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    Hi Everyone

  • hello mam, as the market trend is down, is it right time to invest in market through MF? thank you

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    The markets are currently going through a volatile phase. We are of the view that valuations are looking attractive and this can be seen from the fact that the estimated PE for SENSEX is 14.55X for FY2013-14 which is below the long-term fair PE value of 17X.Hence you can consider entering the equity markets through MF.My suggestion is that you can invest either through an SIP or an STP.

  • rakpahbhseyaj: Hello Mam, Good Afternoon! I am investing in some diversified mutual funds through SIP for last 2 years. What should be the right approach in the current market condition ? Should I redeem all or I just stop the SIP ??

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    You can continue with your current investments. You can redeem or stop the SIP after considering the time period and the goals for which these investments were made.

  • ajith2020: As the nav is high for mutual fund schemes now is it good start new sip at this time ?

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    You can enter the mutual fund space through the SIP route in the current market scenario.

  • jeetu_jeetu: Good Afternoon Mam, i wanna invest for my daughter`s wedding after 10 & 15 yrs...where should i invest ?

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    For your daughter痴 weddings, you can consider a portfolio like this.40% of the portfolio can be allocated into largecap funds like ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund and DSP BlackRock Top 100 Fund 30% of the portfolio can be allocated into midcap funds like HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund and IDFC sterling Equity Fund 20% of the portfolio can be allocated into multicap funds like UTI Opportunities Fund and Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund 10% of the portfolio can be allocated into Reliance Banking Fund Please review this portfolio on a regular basis and take the appropriate actions.

  • sunnyksachdeva: Hello Mam, Can you suggest, some good equity diversified MFs. Thanks

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    Our recoomended funds in the diversified space: Large caps (ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund,Franklin India Bluechip Fund) Mid Caps (IDFC Sterling Equity Fund and SBI Emerging Business Fund) Multi Caps (UTI Opportunities Fund and Mirae Asset India Opportunities Funds)

  • nitubora123: Mam, im 20years old. Im student. Im doing trade in market. My protfolio size ₹10 lakh. I want to invest some of money to Mutual fund for 20years term. Pls provide me where i invest?

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    If you are a risk appetite investor, you can consider investing in this kind of portfolio. A good proportion of the corpus can go into any of our recommended mid caps or sectoral funds. Our recommended funds are mentioned in one of the answers. In the sectoral space you can either consider PineBridge Infrastructure & Economic Reform Fund or Reliance Banking Fund. You can also take an exposure into large cap funds and debt funds which will provide stability to your portfolio.

  • noorjahanparkar: I have sip of SBI magna equity growth shall i continue the investment it is of 1000 PM and also suggest of some new SIP mutual fund for future

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    You can continue with SBI Magnum Equity.

  • rakpahbhseyaj: I am doing SIP in below funds for last 2 years 1. HDFC TOP 200 Fund 2. HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund 3. IDFC Premier Equity Fund 4. HDFC Balanced Fund I am currently 27 years old and I can invest for 10-12 years more. Please suggest if my portfolio is correct.

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    The funds in the portfolio are the best in their respective categories. However, majority of the funds in the portfolio belongs to a single fund house. My suggestion is that you diversify into other fund houses as well so as to avoid the concentration risks.

  • mbahirwani: I am investing Rs.4000/- every month in DSPBR Equity Fund (G),HDFC Prudence Fund.HDFC Top 200 Fund,IDFC premier equity fund.Please advise i f my portfoilio ok otherwise suggest the changes

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    Your portfolio seems to be fine.However, please review this portfolio on a regular basis.

  • ajith2020: pls suggest some equity funds for long term ?

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    You can choose from any of the recommended funds that I have suggested in the previous answers.

  • loveya: Madam, I have SIPs of Rs.2000/- PM each in HDFC top-200 & Reliance gold Fund(G ) since last to years. Please suggest may i continue both for alteast another 10 years or skip

  • Dr Renu Pothen:

    You can continue with the current investments. Review your portfolio on a regular basis and take the appropriate steps.

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