15% of lawyers in 15 states are women, says Law Ministry
Jul 29, 04:07

The Law Ministry's Department of legal affairs has said that the percentage of women lawyers stood at 15.31 percent across 15 states as in July 2021.

The ministry's answer to the parliament was quoting data furnished by the Bar Council of India for 24 states. The data was collated on the basis of enrollments made in different state bar councils. Only 15 of the state bar councils had data updated till 2021.

Among the 15 states, Meghalaya has the highest rate of women lawyers with 59.31 percent of its lawyer force comprising of women. Manipur followed with 36.33 percent, while Maharashtra and Goa collectively have 34.99 percent women forming part of the respective state bars.

Uttar Pradesh stood at the bottom with merely 8.75 percent women lawyers in the state with Tamil Nadu following at 13.74 percent.

On the issue of whether the government has conducted a study to examine the trends concerning women entering the legal profession, the ministry said that no such study has been commissioned.

Moreover, choosing a career remains by and large an individual choice and as such a study on the attrition rate of women from legal profession is also not feasible.

There is no "straitjacket formula" through which the attrition rate among women lawyers can be ascertained, the ministry said highlighting that the choice of going for further studies or for judicial services depends on varied factors.