Top 5 AMCs have 57 percent market share
Apr 09, 10:04

The financial year has just ended. As per AMFI data, the largest five fund houses collectively ended the year with a 57 percent market share. The top 10 fund houses' collective market share was 82 percent. This has more or less remained the same over the past one year period. However, the overall MF industry grew to Rs 32 trillion by the end of March 2021, up from Rs 27 trillion a year back, or a gain of 18 percent.

With assets over Rs 5 trillion, SBI Funds Management retained its top spot. Kotak Mahindra mutual fund enters the top 5, assets of around Rs 2.3 trillion. Of the 42 AMCs, 32 saw their assets rise over the past year. 10 fund houses' assets under management went down.

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