Bosch India inaugurates second largest smart work place in Bengaluru
Jun 30, 03:06

Technology and services provider Bosch India is set to inaugurate the second largest smart campus in Bengaluru on June 30 as it transitions to the post-covid age of IOT-enabled hybrid workspaces.

The campus, which will serve as its headquarters, is located in Adugodi, Bengaluru and has been constructed across 76 acres with an investment of Rs 800 crores.

"This campus will take lead in developing futuristic products and solutions for India and for the world. I urge Bosch to think of doing more in India and set goals for the next 25 years." said PM Modi at the inauguration.

Bosch India has modelled the new work space as a sustainable hybrid model of work. The smart campus has only 70% capacity, thus promoting a 2-3 day work week. "It is not about attendance, but performance," Karsten Mueller, executive vice president Bosch India, said.

On the sustainability front, the company has said that it would cut down on its energy needs by optimizing heating and cooling operations according to occupancy requirements using its smart air-conditioning program.

Further, it plans to make the workplace convenient for employees by reducing parking and wait times through its smart parking and visitor management systems respectively.

Post-Covid 19, many workplaces shifted to a work-from-home arrangement. Now that companies are shifting back into offices, many employees have shown a preference for hybrid working solutions, according to a survey conducted by recruitment firm TeamLease Services.

Fulton East, a 12-story, 90,000-square-foot office and retail building in Chicago's Fulton Market district, is the first commercial building to be designed, constructed, and commissioned for a post-COVID-19 environment, according to research by Continental Automated Building's Association.

Apart from structural and design features built to combat the spread of Covid-19, the smart workspace includes an 8,000 square-foot rooftop garden meant for relaxation and informal meetings, as well as 12-foot floor-to-ceiling glass panels in offices allowing for maximum sunlight.

Deloitte's IOT-enabled headquarters The Edge, located in Amsterdam, was labelled as the smartest building in the world by Bloomberg. Deloitte provides each of its employees working at the smart building with an app-based personal assistant. The app assigns workstations, which could be a sitting desk, standing desk, balcony seat or a "concentration room," and adjust temperatures and lighting according to the employee's preferences.

Google has also considered trying out new designs in 10% of its workspaces in order to prepare for a post-covid work environment, as reported by

The company's new design plans aim to replace the traditional desk and chair with "Team Pods," which could be arranged and rearranged in various ways, providing flexibility.

In order to accommodate a hybrid working model, the technology company has introduced Campfire, an attempt to allow better collaboration among the in-office employees and their colleagues working from home.

In India, Intel's smart office introduced the system of hotdesking for optimum use of each desk. It also reduced its energy expenditure using smart systems, according to the company.

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