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NEP 2020: PM Narendra Modi says education policy will boost thirst for knowledge in schools

NEP 2020: Learning must be fun-based and interdisciplinary for students in schools, said PM Narendra Modi.

September 11, 2020 / 12:38 PM IST

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 will bring forward the thirst for knowledge in schools, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Speaking during an event held by the education ministry on school education, PM Modi said that the idea is to not stress on the marks obtained in exams but for students to gain knowledge.

According to him, NEP 2020 will reduce the emphasis on the mark-sheet and look at a holistic report card.

"We are aiming for a learning-driven education instead of a marksheet-driven education. Parents need to ask the child what did you learn rather than only asking the marks scored in the examination," said PM Modi.

Due to the over emphasis on marks and examinations in schools, the prime minister said that students are facing excessive pressure.


"We want students to learn through their own experience. Education must not be curtailed to the four walls of the classroom. Only then can a student can excel," said the prime minister.

He explained that this could be done through practical training or site visits to the bus terminals, railway stations or safe manufacturing units.

For instance, the prime minister said that since each region has its own specialised arts and crafts the school students could be taken to areas where the handicrafts, textiles are being designed.

"A student in Bihar could learn about the Bhagalpuri sarees by visiting places where these textiles are created. They could also question the artisans and gain knowledge," he added.

NEP 2020 calls for vocational education and has made it mandatory for students from the sixth grade to visit local facilities to learn about the various businesses in the region.

PM Modi said that while this is being followed in some schools, the idea is to ensure uniformity in education across schools through NEP 2020. He added that teaching in the mother tongue till the fifth grade will prove to be beneficial.

He said that innovative methods of teaching could also be adopted in schools so that students learn faster.

"Schools must ensure that by the third grade, students are able to read 30-35 words in a minute. This could be taught in different ways. For example, a child could be asked to name all his friends in the classroom within a set time. He/she could then be asked to write down the names of these friends," said PM Modi.

The idea, according to him, is to make education a discovery-based and fun-based learning process. PM Modi explained that this will be institutionalised by setting up pre-schools that cater to villages as well as all economic classes.

The Union Cabinet headed by PM Modi on July 29 gave its nod to the National Education Policy. Consequently, the Human Resource Development Ministry has been renamed as the Ministry of Education.

The National Education Policy 2020 proposes far-reaching changes in the system of education not only in India. It also wants a self-sufficient domestic ranking system for Indian educational institutes.
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first published: Sep 11, 2020 11:35 am

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