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Kulbhushan Jadhav ICJ hearing highlights: Pakistan concludes final arguments; Court proceedings adjourned sine die

Live updates of the proceedings in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) where the Kulbhushan Jadhav case is being heard

  • Feb 21, 10:23 PM (IST)

    Court retires for deliberations

    ICJ has retired for deliberations. The Court will advise the date of the judgment "in due time". 

  • Feb 21, 10:13 PM (IST)

    Anwar Mansoor Khan, Pakistan's Attorney General, mentions Afzal Guru trial and the trial of Samjhauta Express to point out the alleged unfairness in India's judicial system. "When we talk of the unfortunate incident of Pulwama... India has become the judge and executioner and call themselves the victim without any evidence... Pakistan has the right to ask for proof." Khan also mentions India's alleged use of pellet guns in Jammu and Kashmir. 

  • Feb 21, 10:06 PM (IST)

    Anwar Mansoor Khan, Pakistan's Attorney General, is making closing remarks. "Uncalled for criticism made on judicial system of Pakistan... Pakistan has a very robust judicial review and reconsideration system," says Khan. 

  • Feb 21, 10:04 PM (IST)

    Lawyer Khawar Qureshi moves towards concluding his arguments on the second and final round of observations. "India's position is as devoid of legal merit now as it was on 8 May 2017... India's claim of relief remains as far fetched now as it was then," Qureshi says. 

  • Feb 21, 09:59 PM (IST)

    Lawyer Khawar Qureshi responds to India's questioning of Pakistan's military courts. 

     Lawyer Khawar Qureshi responds to India's questioning of Pakistan's military courts. 
  • Feb 21, 09:53 PM (IST)

    "Pakistan has maintained dignity throughout these proceedings... and not allowed itself to be provoked," says Lawyer Khawar Qureshi. 

  • Feb 21, 09:50 PM (IST)

    Lawyer Khawar Qureshi says, while referring to Jadhav's passport, it was rhetoric used by India as a "hollow response". 

    "India's conduct cannot go unchecked," Qureshi says, accusing India of seeking to twist facts and break the law in order to suit its purpose. 

  • Feb 21, 09:39 PM (IST)

    Lawyer Khawar Qureshi calls India's National Security Advisor Ajit Doval "India's self-styled superspy" and says that if Doval were to come to London, there is a vacancy for an actor to play James Bond. 

  • Feb 21, 09:35 PM (IST)

    Lawyer Khawar Qureshi says that "India's double standards parades itself". 

  • Feb 21, 09:32 PM (IST)

    "India, in its desperation and total disregard for the truth, India is reduced to equating words allegedly attributed to the secretary of the Lahore High Court Bar Association with the formal position of... Pakistan. How is this not risible?" says Lawyer Khawar Qureshi. 

  • Feb 21, 09:24 PM (IST)

    Lawyer Khawar Qureshi says that India has now "finally" asserted the report of Military Law Experts as 'irrelevant' and that it should be 'completely disregarded'. "... After having doctored the report, India enthusiastically embraced the report as being supportive of its conclusions," Lawyer Qureshi says. 

  • Feb 21, 09:17 PM (IST)

    Lawyer Khawar Qureshi is presenting points about India's conduct (Image: Screen grab of the live proceedings at ICJ via United Nations WebTV)

     Lawyer Khawar Qureshi is presenting points about India's conduct ( Image: Screen grab of the live proceedings at ICJ via United Nations WebTV)
  • Feb 21, 09:10 PM (IST)

    Pakistan says India has made no substantive arguments during its submission yesterday. "Yesterday India demonstrated its abject failure to respond to evidence..." says Lawyer Khawar Qureshi. 

  • Feb 21, 09:08 PM (IST)

    "Pakistan's words, such as nonsense, were unfortunate but were unfortunately required," says Lawyer Khawar Qureshi

  • Feb 21, 09:07 PM (IST)

    Pakistan has begun its second and final round of arguments at ICJ. 

  • Feb 21, 08:53 PM (IST)
  • Feb 21, 08:36 PM (IST)

    Pakistan will start its second and final submission in the case shortly. Here's a recap of what happened yesterday at ICJ, where India presented its final arguments: 

    India questioned the functioning of Pakistan's notorious military courts and urged the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to annul Kulbhushan Jadhav's death sentence, which is based on an "extracted confession".

    Harish Salve, who was representing India in the case, also said that the time has come for the ICJ to make Article 36 a potent weapon for protecting human rights.

    Salve said Pakistan has continued to misuse the opportunity provided by the ICJ in the Jadhav case.

    At the start of India's submission, Salve had also objected to the language used by Pakistan during its first submission. 

    "The language echoed in this court... perhaps this Court may lay down some redlines. The transcript is peppered with words such as shameless, nonesense, disgraceful... India takes exception to being addressed in this fashion in an international court," Salve had said. 

  • Feb 20, 09:13 PM (IST)

    Sitting adjourned for the day 

    The sitting has been adjourned for the day. The court will convene again tomorrow to hear Pakistan's second round of submissions. 

  • Feb 20, 09:10 PM (IST)

    Deepak Mittal, Joint Secretary of Ministry of External Affairs made the concluding remarks for India by reading out the relief sought by India with regards to Jadhav. 

  • Feb 20, 08:59 PM (IST)

    Pakistan completed this trial in 4 months but 26/11 still pending, says Harish Salve

    While Jadhav's trial was completed in four months, 26/11 trial is still pending, says Harish Salve. "What happened to the 150 people killed in the Mumbai terror attacks?" Salve asks. 

  • Feb 20, 08:54 PM (IST)

    The time has come for this court to take this law forward and make Article 36 a potent weapon for protecting human rights: Harish Salve 

  • Feb 20, 08:53 PM (IST)
  • Feb 20, 08:52 PM (IST)

    I would say that there was a time when the world respect Pakistan, but today the world doesn't have the same respect in its present incarnation: Harish Salve, responding to lawyer Khawar Qureshi's stating in Pakistan's submission yesterday that while he has great respect for India, it does not have the same respect in India's present incarnation. 

  • Feb 20, 08:50 PM (IST)

    Harish Salve cites terrorist attacks, including Pulwama attack. "The attack received universal condemnation," Salve says. He also cited terrorist attack in Iran, which killed a number of Revolutionary Guards. 

  • Feb 20, 08:45 PM (IST)

    In Pakistan, judicial review of Pakistan courts has narrow ambit, they have not interfered with military court decisions many times: Harish Salve. 

  • Feb 20, 08:36 PM (IST)

    Domestic law is never a defense against a violation of international law or obligation, says Harish Salve while talking about the military courts in Pakistan trying civilians. 

  • Feb 20, 08:34 PM (IST)

    The bilateral agreement of 2008 between India and Pakistan cannot take away rights conferred by Article 36: Harish Salve 

  • Feb 20, 08:27 PM (IST)

    Pakistan is relying on reports by the Indian press. But these articles contradict the facts presented in Pakistan's FIR: Harish Salve 

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