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Kerala deluge: Some dos and don'ts for safety while returning to flood-hit homes

Here are some dos and don’ts about going back home after the floods

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As water has started receding from cities and villages in Kerala, people are making their way back to their homes.

The National Disaster Management Authority among several other agencies have listed certain precautions to keep in mind that can help us prevent problems that arise after floods such as an outbreak of diseases.

Below are the dos and don’ts about going back home after the floods:

As you reach home:

—Avoid coming back at night. Daytime is better as you can see everything around.

—Don’t be alone. Always come home with someone. Avoid taking kids for the first time when you return home.

—In case your home has a concrete fence, be careful when you open the gates. The water may have weakened the structure and the wall may crumble any moment.

—Be equally careful with wooden doors which may have bloated due to waterlogging. Avoid using excessive force to open or close them.

As you enter the home:

—Do not switch on the main switch or MCB. If it is on, switch it off. Use any electrical appliance only after an electrician makes sure wirings are secure.

—Open all windows and gates. If any foul smell is there, immediately rush out of the home. Let the fresh air fill in the house.

—Do not light anything, not even a candle before checking the gas connection and hose. In case of a leak, it could result in a fire.

—Don’t open the refrigerator carelessly. Stale and rotten food emit gases like methane which can exit with a force.

—Check every nook and corner of the house including wardrobe, cupboard and other furniture for snakes or other poisonous reptiles.

Health and hygiene:

—Do not eat food which has been in contact with flood water as it may cause diseases. Eat freshly cooked or dry food.

—Drink only boiled or chlorinated water. If the water pipes and sewers are broken do not use taps and toilets.

—Keep your surroundings clean. Do not let children play in flood water.

—Do not use broken electrical switches. It can be fatal. Beware of electric poles and wires.

—Use mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

Source: National Disaster Management Authority and other agencies
First Published on Aug 23, 2018 01:21 pm
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