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Journalists steal silverware on a foreign trip with Mamata Banerjee, fined £50

The news of the shameful act apparently spread like wildfire within the Indian community in London

Journalists accompanying West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on an official visit to London stole cutlery while attending an official dinner at a luxury hotel. All but one scribe, when confronted by security officials, admitted their crime and returned the cutlery.

One senior journalist refused to admit his crime. Later when the security officials threatened him to report to the police, the scribe finally confessed and was fined £50 (Rs 4,300), as per a report in Outlook.

The news of the shameful act apparently spread like wildfire within the Indian community in London.

Everything started when a senior reporter employed by a reputed Bengali publication picked a set of dessert spoons off the table and into his pocket. Other journalists who did not want to miss the chance of a bountiful loot, followed him.

Reportedly, the journalists were either unaware or oblivious to the security camera which was recording the act. “Or they possibly thought that the cameras wouldn’t be working anyway as is often the case in Bengal,” another journalist who was part of delegation took a dig.

Security staff, who were initially hesitant to raise an alarm, after much deliberation, decided to confront the dignified guests. Most of the journalists, ashamed of their deeds, returned the silverware.

Amid this, the journalist who did not come out initially stuffed his loot in someone else’s bag and hence confidently asked the security team to search him. However, the CCTV cameras had recorded his cleverness too.

As per the Outlook report which quotes a Bengali journalist, this particular man has a “habit of regularly pilfering cutlery and other goods from hotels during foreign tours though this is the first time he got caught.”
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