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Last Updated : Jun 21, 2019 01:20 PM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

International Yoga Day: Five asanas working professionals can do at workstation

Working out does not necessarily mean spending hours at the gym while leading a sedentary lifestyle in office.

Having a 9-6 job does not mean that a working professional does not have any time for working out. In fact, there are several yoga exercises that can be done from one’s workstation. On the occasion of the International Day of Yoga, here is a list of exercises that can be done during work hours:

Seated arm raises

While being seated on your chair, raise both your arms towards the air. Stretch and hold for five seconds. Place your left palm over the right elbow and stretch your arms apart. Repeat with the other arm. Do 20 repetitions. This will relieve the hand muscles of the constant stress due to the over-use of the computer and mobile phone.


Calf raises

Calf raises are a simple set of exercises that can be done standing near the workstation, in the washroom or even the canteen. For this exercise, raise your toes as high as you can. Hold for three seconds and then lower them slowly. Repeat 30 times or till you feel a burn in the calf muscles. This will help prevent swelling of feet due to sitting in one place and can also help tone the calves.

Leg raises and rotation

While seated on your chair, lift your feet parallel to the ground. Rotate your feet clockwise and anti-clockwise three times each. Bring them back to the original position. Repeat 10 times. This will help tone the hamstring muscles.


Swing your neck to the right, left, back and front. Move them slowly from side to side to the count of five. Repeat 10 times. This will help ease the tension in the neck and relieve any minor sprains.

Eye focus exercises

Eyes are the most ignored during workouts. This is despite the fact that they are the most exposed to artificial lights and glare from the computer and mobile phone. Three sets of eye exercises can help reduce the strain on them.

First, stare away from your computer and blink for 30 seconds. Repeat at least 10 times during office hours. Second, stare at an object that is at least 50 feet away. Blink normally while doing this. Repeat five times. Third, rub your palms together till you feel them radiate heat. Cover your eyes immediately with your palms and close your eyes for 20 seconds. Repeat five times.

Working out does not necessarily mean spending hours at the gym while leading a sedentary lifestyle in office. Apart from the above-mentioned exercises, aim to eat healthy. Besides, make it a habit to get up from your chair every one hour and walk 50 steps. Your body will thank you later.

First Published on Jun 21, 2019 08:22 am