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Last Updated : Aug 10, 2017 08:29 PM IST | Source:

Full transcript of CNN-News18's phone call with Dawood Ibrahim

Here a transcript of the conversation between Dawood Ibrahim and CNN-News18.

Dawood Ibrahim — the man responsible for the 1993 Mumbai blasts which claimed 257 lives — has spoken to CNN-News18. This is the first time 61-year-old don has directly spoken to any TV channel.

Voice samples of the conversation were run through several sources who have been tracking the fugitive gangster. They have confirmed the voice on the phone call indeed belongs to Dawood.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation:


CNN-News18: Hello…Hello…

Dawood: Yes

CNN-News18: Dawood Saab…

Dawood: Who is this?

CNN-News18: Sir, good evening, this is Manoj Gupta from CNN-News18.


Dawood: No, this is Chotani.

CNN-News18: Sorry?

[Pause] Phone being passed on. A muffled sound can be heard.

Dawood: Speak, speak.

Javed Chotani: Salam walekum

CNN-News18: Walekum as-salam

Javed Chotani: Who is this?

CNN-News18: I am Manoj Gupta from CNN-News18.

CNN-News18: Was it Dawood?

Javed Chotani: Yes, Yes, Manoj Bhai, say.

CNN-News18: Please let me talk to Dawood sahab.

Javed Chotani: Who Dawood sahab?

CNN-News18: Dawood Ibrahim sahab

Javed Chotani: Tell me, what happened?

CNN-News18: This is Manoj Gupta. He knows me. Please ask him.

CNN-News18: He had picked up the phone.


CNN-News18: He knows me. Please ask him once.

Dawood: Yes, tell me.

Javed Chotani: Speak, speak.


CNN-News18: So, sir? You are in Karachi, Pakistan.

Javed Chotani: Who said so?

CNN-News18: This is a Pakistani number.

Dawood: Don’t waste time.

Javed Chotani: Fear God. You are wasting time. Who are you talking to? Who are you interviewing? Do you know anything?

Javed Chotani: No, you tell me. You are taking such a long interview. You are talking so much. Do you even know who you are talking to?

CNN-News18: To Dawood.

Javed Chotani: Fear God. First, you are taking his name this way. You thought you will get to talk to him over the phone just like that.

Javed Chotani: Who gave you this number? Delete this number. Give me a number so that I could pass your message on to Dawood through somebody.

Javed Chotani: You mashallah sound like an intelligent journalist. Do you really think that you will just dial any number and Dawood sahab will pick up the phone? And you will interview him?

Javed Chotani: Give me your number. I will make you talk to him.


Javed Chotani: Okay, tell me. Will you interview directly in the studio?

CNN-News18: I will send the camera to Karachi.

Javed Chotani: To Karachi? Why? Why are you just asking me to make you meet or talk to him? Send me your number.

CNN-News18: Sir, please give me a small interview.

Dawood: No, interview. No.


CNN-News18: Where are you, sir? I will send a camera to Karachi.

Dawood aide: It's time to break my fast. Let me go, son.

CNN-News18:  Please, do an interview Dawood sahab.

CNN-News18:  Please, meet me once.

Dawood: Let's meet.

Dawood aide: Where are you?

CNN-News18: I am in Delhi. Tell me, I will come to meet you.

Dawood aide: You are in Delhi? Come to Dubai.

CNN-News18: When, sir?

CNN-News18: Should I send a camera to Karachi, sir?


Dawood: It is some IAS guy


CNN-News18: Hello

[Muffled sound of Dawood prompting]

Dawood aide: Is this the time to interview somebody. It's time to break the fast. We have to offer prayers. Please, pay attention.

CNN-News18: Please do a small two-minute interview.

CNN-News18: Is it Dawood Ibrahim Sahab?

Dawood: Yes, tell.

Dawood aide: Yes, what do you want to ask?


CNN-News18: Give me some time, sir.

Dawood aide: Whenever you want.

CNN-News18: When, sir?

Dawood aide: Anytime.


CNN-News18: Please, make me talk to him once.

Dawood aide: Yes, give me your number. I will put you through to him.


Dawood: Write

Dawood aide: Where will you interview him, in studio?

CNN-News18: We will interview him over the phone.

Dawood aide: We don’t give phone interviews

CNN-News18: I will send a camera to Karachi.

Dawood aide: Why are you asking me for a meeting if you already know everything?

Dawood aide: Send the camera, and come you along too.

Dawood aide: We will now talk when we are face to face.


Dawood: What is his name?

Javed Chotani: What is your name?

CNN-News18: Manoj Gupta.

Dawood: Write

Javed Chotani: Don't worry. We have noted your number and name, too. We will do it, inshaallah.

CNN-News18: How’s your health?

Dawood aide: Alhamdulillah, first class

CNN-News18: There was a rumour that you suffered a heart attack and got gangrene

Dawood: Blood pressure shot up once…Blood pressure shot up once

EXCLUSIVE: CNN-News18 calls Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi -- see what he said

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First Published on Aug 10, 2017 08:29 pm
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