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India vs Pakistan Final Highlights, Scorecard: Pakistan beat India by 180 runs to lift Champions Trophy 2017

Pakistan humbled India at the final of the ICC Champions Trophy at The Oval. At is happened.

  • Jun 18, 03:14 PM (IST)

    Follow the India vs Pakistan scorecard here.

  • Jun 18, 10:20 PM (IST)

    So after coming into the tournament as rank underdogs -- they entered just edging past West Indies as the lowest seed -- Pakistan end up as the winner of the Champions Trophy 2017.

    After a 120-run loss to India at Edgbaston in the qualifying round, they went on to beat Sri Lanka, South Africa, England and then India in the final.

    Today's match was a one-sided affair, with Pakistan outperforming India in all three departments.

    Put in to bat by Kohli, Pakistan rode on an aggressive 114 from youngster Fakhar Zaman, who made the most of an early reprieve. Azhar Ali, Babar Azam and Imad Wasim too chipped in with handy knocks while a late 57-run dash by Mohammed Hafeez lifted Pakistan to a solid 338.

    The Pakistani bowlers, who have done very well since after the early India match, came in with all guns blazing. Mohammed Amir dismantled the top order, dismissing Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan with pace and swing. After that, it was difficult for India to come back into the game.

    Hasan Ali, un-Pakistani-esque in his line-and-length bowling style but someone who ran in with characteristic aggression, took three to make sure India could not rebuild. Hasan had a superb tournament, finishing as the highest wicket-taker and taking home the man-of-the-series award.

    The Indian batting, barring Hardik Pandya, was pedestrian even as the pitch did not offer much movement. As Virat Kohli said in the post-match conference, it was just the probing, aggressive bowling display by Pakistan that did the Indian batting in.

    All in all, it turned out to be a momentous display for Pakistan, whose fans have struggled to find much joy in a team whose fortunes wax and wane. But India, who put in a solid display of cricketing skills right through the tournament, would go home heads held high as the runner-up.

  • Jun 18, 09:30 PM (IST)

    OUT! Bumrah is caught behind. Tried to fend off an awkwardly rising Hasan Ali delivery. That is that. INDIA ALL OUT FOR 158


  • Jun 18, 09:23 PM (IST)

    Junaid comes in. Looks to wind up things. Bowls a mix of full and short deliveries. A single off the penultimate delivery, which was almost a catch at mid-off but landed safely. One off the last.

    After 30 overs, India 158/9 (Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1, Jasprit Bumrah 1)

  • Jun 18, 09:19 PM (IST)

    OUT! Hasan gets Ashwin. Classic Test delivery. Pitched on the up and holding its line. Edged to the keeper.

    After 29 overs, India 156/8 (Ravichandran Ashwin 1, Bhuvneshwar Kumar 0)

  • Jun 18, 09:16 PM (IST)

    Junaid maintains a tight line, giving away two runs, and taking one wicket.

    After 28 overs, India 156/8 (Ravichandran Ashwin 1, Bhuvneshwar Kumar 0)

  • Jun 18, 09:12 PM (IST)

    OUT! India are in a hurry to go home soon. The bowling change works. Junaid puts one in, short, wide and angling away. Jadeja drives without confidence or footwork, edges to slip.

  • Jun 18, 09:10 PM (IST)

    Two dots to finish the 27th over by Hasan. Big wicket from it. Pakistan will be looking to finish this up soon. Bring back Junaid for the next.

    After 27 overs, India 155/7 (Ravindra Jadeja 15, Ravichandran Ashwin 0)

  • Jun 18, 09:06 PM (IST)

    OUT! Hardik is run out. Jadeja drives on to cover but doesn't run. Hardik does. He is livid. He was going strong.

    Ashwin is in. This may be all over for India.

  • Jun 18, 09:03 PM (IST)

    That is the cue for Pakistan to make changes. Hasan Ali is brought back to curb the run flow and try to get some wickets. Hits the middle length straight away.

  • Jun 18, 09:03 PM (IST)

    Fakhar continues. Pandya is undertaking rearguard action. Heaves the last two balls for two massive sixes.

    It could be a case of too late but Hardik is giving India some hope here.

    After 26 overs, India 152/6 (Hardik Pandya 76, Ravindra Jadeja 13)

  • Jun 18, 08:59 PM (IST)

    Sarfraz continues with Shadab despite an expensive last over. Three dots and three singles.

    After 25 overs, India 137/6 (Hardik Pandya 63, Ravindra Jadeja 11)

  • Jun 18, 08:58 PM (IST)

    Zaman bowls the 24th. Six singles off each delivery.

    After 24 overs, India 134/6 (Hardik Pandya 62, Ravindra Jadeja 9)

  • Jun 18, 08:55 PM (IST)

    Shadab comes on for his sixth over. But Hardik, who has settled down nicely, takes him on. Launches three deliveries straight into the stands beyond long-on. Creams one for four. Brings up his 50 in 33 balls. The fastest ever in the Champions Trophy.

    23 off the over.

    After 23 overs, India 128/6 (Hardik Pandya 59, Ravindra Jadeja 6)

  • Jun 18, 08:52 PM (IST)

    Fakhar comes in. Bowls a tight line. Gives away three.

    After 21 overs, India 102/6 (Hardik Pandya 34, Ravindra Jadeja 5)

  • Jun 18, 08:49 PM (IST)

    Shadab bowls his fifth. Good over for India. 9 off it, including one four. Hardik Pandya is looking strong.

    After 21 overs, India 102/6 (Hardik Pandya 34 , Ravindra Jadeja 5)

  • Jun 18, 08:46 PM (IST)

    Imad Wasim comes on, bowls three balls, departs after what looks like a sprain. Fakhar Zaman, another left-arm orthodox, replaces him for the over.

    Four off it.

    After 20 overs, India 93/6 (Hardik Pandya 27, Ravindra Jadeja 3)

  • Jun 18, 08:40 PM (IST)

    Shadab continues. Hardik lofts the third ball for a six. The batsmen take a couple of singles since.

    After 19 overs, India 89/6 (Hardik Pandya 24, Ravindra Jadeja 2)

  • Jun 18, 08:36 PM (IST)

    Hasan Ali continues with his 4th over. 8 runs off it. Including an edge that went to the four. Still, Hardik is looking solid here. But it's going to take nothing short of a miracle to get India this match. Jadeja comes in at the other end.

    After 18 overs, India 80/6 (Hardik Pandya 17, Ravindra Jadeja 0)

  • Jun 18, 08:32 PM (IST)

    OUT! Spoken too soon. Shadab drops in a flighted turner. Kedar goes for the heave but ends up getting a top-edge. Sarfraz takes it.

    After 17 overs, India 72/6 (Hardik Pandya 9)

  • Jun 18, 08:29 PM (IST)

    Some Indian supporters are seen leaving the stadium. Not surprising given half the team is back in the hut. But is too soon? Remember Yuvraj and Kaif's knock about 15 years ago?

  • Jun 18, 08:28 PM (IST)

    Hasan Ali continues. Gives a run off the first ball. Four dot balls followed by a four. Kedar whips the final ball effortlessly.

    After 16 overs, India 67/5 (Kedar Jadhav 9, Hardik Pandya 4)

  • Jun 18, 08:26 PM (IST)

    Shadab bowls his 2nd over. Maintains a tight line, except for one bowl, which Kedar Jadhav pulls for four.

    SCORE: 62-5 after 15 overs

    Power play is over

  • Jun 18, 08:22 PM (IST)

    In some consolation, India has thrashed Pakistan 7-1 in the hockey match that's also taking place today. Report soon.

  • Jun 18, 08:18 PM (IST)

    OUT! That's not all. India are suffering a brain-freeze here. MS Dhoni pulls a rising Hasan Ali delivery. Fielder at deep square leg completes an excellent catch.

    This is going down very bad for India.

    SCORE: 55-5 after 14 overs

  • Jun 18, 08:15 PM (IST)

    OUT! Pakistan is playing aggressive cricket here. Shadab flights a few deliveries. Beats Yuvraj with a wrong-un, before trapping him plumb in front with one that turned in. The umpire thought it was bat-first but Shadab confidently asked his captain to opt for DRS. Decision over-turned.

    India are now four down.

    SCORE: 54/4 after 13 overs.

  • Jun 18, 08:10 PM (IST)

    Pakistan make another change. Bring young leg-spinner Shadab on. Bold move.

  • Jun 18, 08:08 PM (IST)

    Hassan comes on, replacing Hafeez who gave away an expensive 1st over. Yuvraj pulls one to deep mid-wicket for a couple. Hassan is maintaining the off line with some skiddiness. Probably is looking for some movement off the pitch. India get three runs off that over.

    After 12 overs, India 50/3 (Yuvraj Singh 21  MS Dhoni (W) 1)

  • Jun 18, 08:04 PM (IST)

    Amir bowls a maiden over. Dhoni plays with a straight bat. It's Amir's 6th over. He may not come back for a 7th.

    SCORE: 47-3 after 11 overs

  • Jun 18, 08:00 PM (IST)

    Hafeez's over took some pressure off India. 14 off it. Amir continues. The batsmen will be keen to see him off. Hasan Ali, the tournament's leading wicket-taker, seen warming up.

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