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Dec 10, 2018 11:17 AM IST | Source:

India vs Australia 1st Test, Day 5 Highlights: India claim historic win on the back of MoM performance from Pujara

Catch all the highlights from the first Test match between India and Australia being played at the Adelaide Oval.

  • Dec 10, 08:28 AM (IST)

    Check the story of Day 5 of the match in pictures here

  • Dec 10, 11:19 AM (IST)

    That brings us to the end of  our live coverage of the first Test. It's an incredible victory for India on the back of a really spirited display. In the end though Cheteshwar Pujara proved to be the difference between the two teams. Join us again on 14th December, for the start of the 2nd Test match which will be played at Perth. Till then it's goodbye! 

  • Dec 10, 11:14 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 11:14 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 11:07 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 11:06 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 11:02 AM (IST)

     Cheteshwar Pujara (Player of the Match): I think playing here before has helped me a lot. I think what has helped me is the preparation. Ultimately winning the Test match credit to all the bowlers. The first innings lead of 15 gave us the belief batting in the second innings. I always back my ability and I've got enough experience...It means a lot, he'll be a proud father. I'd like to thank him for all his support throughout my career.

  • Dec 10, 11:00 AM (IST)

    Virat Kohli (winning captain): It's important to stay calm. The odds were stacked up against them as soon as we got Pat Cummins out. I wouldn't say I was cool as ice but you try not to show it. It was just a matter of one mistake or one good ball. Super proud to have four bowlers and take 20 wickets to win this Test match. It's up to our batsmen to step up in this series. Pujara and Rahane stood up in this match. I thought we were the better team and deserved to win. I think when they bat together like that they are our most solid pair. I think it took a lot of grit and determination to put us past Australia. I think our middle order and lower order could've done better. These things are things to keep in mind for Perth. But if you had given me 1-0 up after the first game I would've taken that.

  • Dec 10, 10:58 AM (IST)

    Tim Paine, (losing captain): It's pretty shattering really. Proud of the fight from the lower order. A well-deserved win for India. We thought we could win, no doubt about that, we saw how the pitch is playing and told ourselves we are going to dig deep, but unfortunately, myself, Travis and Shaun couldn't bat long as long as we should have. That's (Pujara's innings) the difference between the two sides. Really hard to get him (Pujara) out. We have got to cope with the belief that we are going to win this Test series, we just need someone in our top six to go big . My finger is fine.

  • Dec 10, 10:57 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:56 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:53 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:53 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:52 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:51 AM (IST)

    That winning moment. 

  • Dec 10, 10:51 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:49 AM (IST)

    This is only India's sixth Test win Down Under and the first time in history that they've won the first Test of a series played in Australia. They'll be in high spirits going to Perth with a 1-0 series lead. 

  • Dec 10, 10:48 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:46 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:46 AM (IST)

    India win by 31 runs. 

  • Dec 10, 10:45 AM (IST)

    Looks like this will be the final over before tea. Hazlewood manages to defend the first four deliveries. CAUGHT! Finally India have the victory that they’ve been made to work extra hard for. Ashwin tosses up the delivery and Hazlewood is beaten by the turn as he edges to Rahul at second slip. Rahul gets low and takes a really good catch.

    Australia 291/10 after 119.5 overs. 

  • Dec 10, 10:41 AM (IST)

     WICKET! Hazlewood c Rahul b Ashwin 13 (43) 

    Finally India have the win! Hazlewood edges the delivery to Rahul who makes absolutely no mistake at slip. 

  • Dec 10, 10:38 AM (IST)

    Jasprit Bumrah comes back into the attack. This stand is really getting to India now as they carry their struggles against the lower order to Australia. Lyon defends the first delivery before both batsmen comfortably take singles off the next three balls. Bumrah bangs the 5th ball short and Hazlewood lifts it over slips for FOUR runs. Brilliant batting from the Australian no. 11. He then takes a single off the last ball. 8 runs off the over. Australia now need just 32 runs to win.

    Australia 291/9 after 119 overs. 

  • Dec 10, 10:32 AM (IST)

    Ash to Hazlewood. He digs out all six balls. Maiden.

    Australia 283/9 after 118 overs

  • Dec 10, 10:30 AM (IST)

    Ishant continues. Lyon is on strike. First ball is full and Lyon works the ball to mid wicket and takes a single. Ishant bowls a yorker on second ball and Hazlewood digs his bat behind the ball and gets a single. Lyon works third ball towards square leg and gets two more. No runs off fourth ball. NO BALL. The ball hits Lyon on the pads and Indians are up in appeal but umpire says NO BALL. No runs off fifth ball. FOUR. Edge and FOUR. Lyon gets a thick edge and the ball runs down to third man boundary. Nine runs off the over.

    Australia 283/9 after 117 overs

  • Dec 10, 10:23 AM (IST)

    Ashwin will continue. Hazlewood is on strike. He works first ball to leg side and gets a couple. The batsman is beaten on second ball. No runs off next four balls. Just a single off the over.

    Australia 273/9 after 116 overs

  • Dec 10, 10:21 AM (IST)

    Ishant continues. Lyon is on strike. No runs off first two balls. Third ball is short and down the leg side and Lyon pulls and gets a single. Hazlewood is on strike. No runs off next two balls. He plays fifth ball to third man and gets a single. Two runs off the over.  

    Australia 272/9 after 115 overs

  • Dec 10, 10:17 AM (IST)
  • Dec 10, 10:15 AM (IST)

    Ashwin will continue. Lyon is on strike. First ball is fired on pads and Lyon sweeps the ball down to fine leg and gets a single. Hazlewood is on strike. No runs off next two balls. Edge and safe. Fourth ball jumps sharply and gets the outside edge of the bat but lands in no man land. No runs off last two balls.  One run off the over.

    Australia 270/9 after 114 overs

  • Dec 10, 10:12 AM (IST)
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