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IND vs AUS 1st ODI Highlights: India fall short of 34 runs despite Rohit Sharma's fighting century

Catch all the highlights from the first ODI between India and Australia being played at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

  • Jan 12, 04:21 PM (IST)

    That brings us to an end of our live coverage of this game. Australia pull off an upset to start the three-match series. Kohli and his team will know they cannot afford another slip now. Join us again on 15th January at 8.00 AM for the 2nd ODI. Till then it's goodbye.

  • Jan 12, 04:14 PM (IST)

    Another great milestone for Cricket Australia as they become the first country to reach 1000 wins in International Cricket

  • Jan 12, 04:11 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 04:10 PM (IST)

    Jhye Richardson is the Man of the Match for his career best figures of 4 for 26: Credit to them, they gave us a run for our money in those middle overs. When you have a team three down early, it becomes difficult to bounce back. I am very happy to get (Kohli's) wicket, but more happy with the win. As a bowling unit, we are clear about our plans, doing our homework and being professional out there. I think it was about assessing the conditions more than anything else. Felt like bashing the wicket was quite difficult here. In the end, it became easier to bowl with the softer ball. My finger's fine. 

  • Jan 12, 04:08 PM (IST)

    Aaron Finch the winning captain: Very pleased. We knew that they'd try and take it deep and luckily we were able to take wickets and stem the flow. I thought we were around par. I thought with the earlier start dew wouldn't come in. We felt the wicket would slow up a bit so I thought it was par. I thought the partnership between Khawaja and Marsh set us up and Peter Handscomb played a gem. Anytime you get a team three down early and three big guns it's very important. I thought Jason handled his nerves brilliantly. And then the youngster Jhye is full of confidence and he's got a bright future ahead of him. There's always room to improve.

  • Jan 12, 04:07 PM (IST)

    Virat Kohli the losing captain: We're not very pleased with the way we played. I think we were fine with the ball. That wicket was 300 plus par. I think we did well with the ball. We thought 288 was quite gettable. Losing three wickets upfront is never good. I thought Rohit was outstanding and MS supported him but I thought we could have done better with the tempo of the game and we fell short. They took the game deep to give us a chance. MS got out at that stage. That put pressure on Rohit. One more good partnership and we would have got close. But losing three wickets up front was the problem and Australia were professional enough not to let us back in. I think we have to take it as a day when Australia played better than us. We're not too stressed about results. I think days like these make you aware of things you have to work on as a team.

  • Jan 12, 04:01 PM (IST)

    It's time for the presentation now. 

  • Jan 12, 04:01 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 04:00 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 03:59 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 03:58 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 03:58 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 03:58 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 03:56 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 03:56 PM (IST)

    Mohammed Shami walks out to bat as Stoinis continues. Bhuvi lofts the first ball over cover but gets just the single. Shami helps the next delivery down to fine leg for a run. Bhuvi plays a well-timed cover drive off the 3rd ball for a FOUR. He connects with another drive off the next ball but it’s straight to the man in the circle. Bhuvi swings hard at the 5th ball sending it high to deep backward square for a run. Handscomb comes running in and nearly pulls off a stunning catch with a dive as he gets two hands behind the ball but it pops out at the last moment. CAUGHT! Shami looks to end with a flourish as he sends the last ball high in the air but Maxwell keeps his cool to take the catch at midwicket. That’s it then. India fall short of 34 runs as Australia draw first blood in the ODI series.

    India 254/9 after 50 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:50 PM (IST)

    Wicket! Shami c Maxwell b Stoinis 1 (2)

    Shami launces the last ball high into the air and Maxwell keeps his cool as he takes the catch at midwicket.

  • Jan 12, 03:49 PM (IST)

    Peter Siddle comes back into the attack. Bhuvi welcomes him with a FOUR as he cuts the 1st ball hard over point. He then drives the next ball past the man at cover for a single. Kuldeep mistimes his shot on the next ball as they pick up another run. Bhuvi makes room and lofts the 4th ball over cover for 2 runs. He then flicks the yorker length delivery to midwicket for a single. CAUGHT! Kuldeep goes for the pull on the last ball but find Khawaja who this time manages to hold onto the ball. Just 9 runs off the over.

    India 247/8 after 49 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:45 PM (IST)

    Wicket! Kuldeep c Khawaja b Siddle 3 (6)

    Siddle sends down a slower shorter ball to Kuldeep who pulls it straight towards Khawaja at deep backward square. 

  • Jan 12, 03:44 PM (IST)

    Stoinis starts with a shorter delivery and Bhuvi cuts it over short third man for a FOUR. The next delivery is cut behind point for back-to-back FOURs. Stoinis sends down a slower ball to Bhuvi who looks for the paddle scoop but misses. Bhuvi plays the pull shot on the 4th delivery and Behrendorff almost pulls off a screamer as he gets his fingertips to the ball with a dive to his left. The 5th ball comes off the thigh pad of Kuldeep as they pick up a leg bye. DROPPED! Bhuvi launches the last ball high towards long-on and Khawaja who had all the time in the world drops another catch.

    India 238/7 after 48 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:39 PM (IST)

    Richardson into his final over now. He starts from around the wicket to Kuldeep who clips the ball for a single. Bhuvi miscues his shot on the next ball as he connects with the toe end sending the ball to long-on for a single. Kuldeep pulls the 4th ball through midwicket for a run. Richardson sends down a yorker to Bhuvi which hits the boot. He ends with a delivery down the leg-side which Bhuvi tickles fine for a single. Just 4 runs off the over. India need 62 runs off 18 balls to win.

    India 227/7 after 47 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:36 PM (IST)

    Stoinis starts with a full toss and Rohit mistimes his slog as the ball goes to long-on for a single. Bhuvneshwar mistimes his shot to long-on on the next delivery as they pick up a run. Stoinis sends the next ball wide outside off and has to reload. Rohit swings hard at the next ball which is a low full toss, sending it over mid-off for a FOUR. CAUGHT! Rohit’s incredible innings comes to an end as he finds Maxwell at deep midwicket. He was looking tired in the centre and Australia will now feel they’ve got this match wrapped up. Kuldeep Yadav walks out to bat. DROPPED! Bhuvneshwar lofts the 5th ball to long-on and Khawaja slides in but doesn’t hold on as they pick up 2 runs. 9 runs and a wicket from the over.

    India 223/7 after 46 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:31 PM (IST)

    Wicket! Rohit c Maxwell b Stoinis 133 (129)

    Rohit looks to heave the ball over midwicket but connects with the top edge as Maxwell runs in to take a good catch.

  • Jan 12, 03:27 PM (IST)

    Jhye Richardson comes back into the attack. CAUGHT! What a day Richardson is having. He picks up his 4th wicket as Jadeja cuts the short and wide delivery straight down the throat of Marsh. Bhuvneshwar Kumar walks out to bat. Rohit steers the 2nd ball to point for a single. Richardson does brilliantly as he doesn’t allow Bhuvneshwar to get off the mark with the next 4 balls. Just the 1 run from the over, India now need 75 runs off 30 balls to win.

    India 214/6 after 45 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:24 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 03:24 PM (IST)
  • Jan 12, 03:22 PM (IST)

    Wicket! Jadeja c Marsh b Richardson 8 (13)

    Jadeja looks to cut the short and wide delivery outside off but ends up finding Marsh at deep backward point who makes no mistake.

  • Jan 12, 03:20 PM (IST)

    Marcus Stoinis comes back into the attack. Rohit looks to launch the 1st ball over long-on but his bottom hand comes off the bat as the slower delivery causes him to mistime his shot. Lucky for him it lands safely as they pick up a single. Stoinis sends down a bouncer to Jadeja who fails to connect. Jadeja deflects the 3rd ball into his thigh pad and they pick up a quick single. Stoinis rushes to the ball and would’ve sent back Rohit with a direct-hit. He sends down another slower ball and Rohit swings and misses. Rohit clears his front foot and launches the 5th ball over midwicket for a SIX. He lashes at the final delivery sending it through midwicket for a FOUR.

    India 213/5 after 44 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:15 PM (IST)

    Lyon continues. Jadeja gets an inside edge onto the pads on the first ball. He then cuts the next ball to the off-side for a single. Rohit stands tall and lofts the 3rd ball high over long-on for a SIX. That was sheer power from Rohit who then rotates strike with a single off the next ball. Lyon does well to deny Jadeja any runs off the next two balls. Just 8 runs off the over.

    India 201/5 after 43 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:12 PM (IST)

    Glenn Maxwell comes back into the attack. Jadeja flicks the 1st ball to mid-on for 2 runs. He sends the next ball into the same region for a single. Maxwell sends down a yorker length delivery to Rohit who just about manages to dig it out. Rohit slashes hard at the 4th ball but doesn’t connect well sending it high up in the air. Lucky for him the ball lands safely as they pick up a couple. Maxwell ends with a waist high full toss and Rohit swings hard but gets an edge which takes the ball down to third man for a FOUR. 9 runs off the over. India need 96 off 48 balls to win.

    India 193/5 after 42 overs

  • Jan 12, 03:07 PM (IST)

    Nathan Lyon comes back into the attack. Rohit works the 1st ball down to long-on for a single. Jadeja punches the next ball through the covers to rotate strike. Rohit goes for the sweep on the 4th delivery but misses as Lyon appeals for a LBW. The umpire isn’t interested as the ball pitched outside leg-stump. Both batsmen pick up singles off the last two balls. Good over from Lyon as he gives away just 4 runs. India need 105 runs from 54 balls to win.

    India 184/5 after 41 overs

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