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Aug 12, 2018 11:00 PM IST | Source:

ENG vs IND 2nd Test Highlights: England wins by an innings and 159 runs

Catch all the highlights of the 2nd Test match between England and India played at Lord's, London

  • Aug 12, 10:48 PM (IST)

    That is all we have for you from the second Test match at Lord's.  Join us in a few days time for the third test Match to be played at Nottingham. Goodnight. 

  • Aug 12, 10:44 PM (IST)

    Chris Woakes: Delighted. I suppose to win the Test match inside four days when you lose a day and half to rain is special. Scoring a hundred and getting on the honour's board is something that'll stay with me a lot. It's sinking in more. I wish I'd soaked it in a little more. But like I said, I was a bit nervous out there yesterday. Jonny calmed me down, which is funny, it's usually the other way around. We just looked to tick it off in fives. Once we got through the tough part, we started scoring freely. [His return from injury] Really pleased with the bowling. Getting competitive cricket was important, even though it was white-ball cricket.

  • Aug 12, 10:44 PM (IST)

    And for his brilliant performance both with the bat and the ball Chris Woakes has been chosen as the Man of the Match.   

  • Aug 12, 10:42 PM (IST)

    Joe Root: Less stressful [win] definitely. The bowling unit were exceptional throughout. We had the conditions in our favour, but we had to put it in the right places. Jonny and Woakesy were magnificent. Really pleased for Woakesy. A number of times he's showed how talented he is. He's been working hard. Coming back into the side, someone who's always been a big part of the side. Good to see.

  • Aug 12, 10:41 PM (IST)

    Virat Kohli: Not proud of the way we've played. First time in the last five Tests that we've been outplayed. We deserved to lose this game, the way we went about things. Can't really think about conditions when you're playing the game. You can't sit and crib about these things. Sometimes the rub of the green won't go your way. Even when the ball's doing a bit, you have to pitch it in the right areas. Their guys were relentless, they made us work for the runs.. I should be fine. Lower back issue, I'm confident I'll be fine in five days time with a bit of rehab. 

  • Aug 12, 10:22 PM (IST)

    Stay with us as we bring you quotes and Man of the Match. 

  • Aug 12, 10:21 PM (IST)

    England wins the second test at Lord's to go 2-0 up in the series. There is plenty to think for Virat Kohli and Co. Unless something dramatic happens in Indian camp it is looking gloomy for them. They have to win the third Test to survive in the series. 

  • Aug 12, 10:18 PM (IST)

    It is all over for India. Another disappointing performance by Indian batsman. They just could not handle the seam, swing and pace of England bowlers. 

  • Aug 12, 10:14 PM (IST)

    Woakes to Ashwin.

    No run off the first ball. The batsman gets a thick edge on the next ball but the ball falls just short of third slip. Ashwin is looking in some pain after that ball. He removes his gloves to check his fingers. Indian physio is back on the field. Ashwin continues after receiving treatment. Ashwin takes 2 runs off 3rd delivery. Ashwin plays the 4th ball towards square leg for a single. No run off the next ball. OUT! Sharma gets an inside edge off the last ball and the ball flies towards Ollie Pope standing at leg slip. It is OUT. It is all over.  

    India 130/10  after 47 Overs

  • Aug 12, 10:14 PM (IST)

    WICKET! Sharma c Pope b Woakes 2(7)

  • Aug 12, 10:05 PM (IST)

    Anderson bowls to Ishant Sharma.

    Sharma leaves the first ball. The next ball swings back sharply in foxes Sharma. The batsman takes 2 runs off the 4th delivery. No runs off the final two balls as Sharma defends them comfortably.  

    India 127/9 after 46 Overs

  • Aug 12, 10:00 PM (IST)

    WICKET! Shami lbw Anderson 0 (3)

  • Aug 12, 09:59 PM (IST)

    Ashwin faces Woakes’ first 5 deliveries without taking any runs. Woakes sends down a back of a length delivery to end the over and Ashwin opens the face of the bat to run the ball down to the third man fence for a FOUR.

    India 125/8 after 45 overs.

  • Aug 12, 09:57 PM (IST)

    Anderson pitches the first delivery down leg and Ashwin tickles it to fine leg for a FOUR. He then takes a single bringing Kuldeep on strike. Anderson beats Kuldeep on the next delivery with an outswinger. BOWLED! Anderson sends down a full length delivery that was swinging away and Kuldeep goes for the shot but only manages to get an inside edge on it which sends the ball back onto the stumps.

    Shami is the new man in and there are big appeals for a caught behind on the last delivery. The umpire declares out but India go for the review. Replays show there wasn’t any edge on it and Shami’s stay at the crease is extended, but for how long?

    India 121/8 after 44 overs.

  • Aug 12, 09:50 PM (IST)

    WICKET! Kuldeep b Anderson 0 (7)

  • Aug 12, 09:49 PM (IST)

    Chris Woakes back into the attack.

    LBW! This doesn’t look good at all for India. Woakes catches Pandya on the pads on the very first delivery. He sends down a good length delivery and Pandya leaned forward to defend but the ball nipped in. The umpire wasn’t convinced though but England go for the review and replays show the ball hitting the leg stump.

    Kuldeep is the new man in and he plays out the rest of the over without picking up any runs. Wicket maiden for Woakes.

    India 116/7 after 43 overs.

  • Aug 12, 09:42 PM (IST)

    WICKET! Pandya lbw Woakes 26 (43)

  • Aug 12, 09:40 PM (IST)

    Anderson continues to attack the two batsmen but they hold fort well. He finishes the over with a beautiful outswinger that just about misses the outside edge as Ashwin looks to defend it on the front foot. Just two runs off the over.

    India 116/6 after 42 overs.

  • Aug 12, 09:36 PM (IST)

    Ashwin punches the first delivery to cover for a single. Pandya then flicks the 3rd delivery from Broad past midwicket for a FOUR. That boundary brings up the fifty partnership for India. Just how long will the two be able to withstand this pressure from England though?

    India 114/6 after 41 overs.

  • Aug 12, 09:31 PM (IST)

    James Anderson is back into attack. He sends in a shorter length delivery outside off and Ashwin goes for the cut but only gets a thick outside edge which flies over the men at slips for a FOUR. Ashwin then glances the next delivery to fine leg for a single. Anderson beats Pandya with a brilliant delivery to end the over. He pitches it around off stump forcing Pandya into the shot but the ball moves away late just missing the outside edge.

    India 107/6 after 40 overs.

  • Aug 12, 09:25 PM (IST)

    Broad will bowl to Ashwin.

    Ashwin gets a soft edge on the first ball and he takes a single. Pandya shoulders arms on the 2nd delivery. He repeats the motion for the 3rd delivery. Fourth ball is driven handsomely down the ground for FOUR. It was beautifully timed. Batsman goes on the back-foot to defend next ball. Repeats the action to end the over.  

    India 102/6 after 39 Overs

  • Aug 12, 09:21 PM (IST)

    Curran will bowl to Ashwin.

    Ashwin drives the first ball towards mid-off but his shot is stopped by the fielder. Ashwin defends the second ball going on the back foot. Curran strays in the line on the third ball and the ball clips Ashwin’s thigh pads and runs down the boundary line for FOUR BYES. The batsman drives the fourth ball through point for FOUR. No runs off the last two ball of the over.   

    India 92/6 after 38 Overs

  • Aug 12, 09:18 PM (IST)

    Broad will bowl. Pandya on strike.

    Pandya leaves the first ball for the wicket keeper. No run off the next ball. Pandya edges the next ball for FOUR. No runs of the next three balls.

    India 88/6 after 37 Overs

  • Aug 12, 09:13 PM (IST)

    Curran will bowl to Ashwin.

    First ball goes down the leg side which wicket keeper collects. Batsman defends the second ball towards cover. Ashwin drives the third ball towards mid-off. He again plays the next ball towards mid-off. No runs off the last two balls too.  

    India 84/6 after 36 Overs

  • Aug 12, 09:09 PM (IST)

    Broad continues. Ashwin on strike.

    Ashwin defends the first ball. The batsman plays a beautiful shot through mid-wicket for FOUR on the 2nd delivery. No run on the 3rd delivery. Ashwin punches the 4th delivery off the back foot through the gully area. Batsmen take 3 there. Pandya leaves the 5th ball. The batman plays a superb straight drive on the last ball for FOUR.

    India 84/6 after 35 Overs

  • Aug 12, 09:04 PM (IST)

    Curran will bowl to Ashwin.

    Aswin drives the first ball towards mid-off. Ashwin plays the 2nd ball for a cover drive for a single. Pandya plays the 3rd delivery towards mid-on for a single. No run by Ashwin on 4th delivery. Curran hits Ashwin on gloves on the 5th ball. Batsman take a single. But it seems like Ashwin is injured this time. He has taken his gloves off. Indian physio is back on the field to attend Ashwin’s injury. Ashwin looks good to continue. Pandya plays a firm defensive push through mid-wicket for FOUR.

    India 73/6 after 34 Overs

  • Aug 12, 08:56 PM (IST)

    Broad will bowl the first over after Tea. Pandya is on strike.

    Pandya misses the first ball. He leaves the second ball for the wicket-keeper. Pandya defends the third ball by going on the front foot. He is beaten again on the fourth ball.  Defends the fifth ball by going on the front foot. That ball hit him on his fingers. He removed his gloves to have a look at his hand. The fingers look swollen and there is some blood. He is attended by the team physio.  Defends the last ball.   

    India 66/6 after 33 Overs

  • Aug 12, 08:51 PM (IST)

    This should be the last session of the match, unless weather has its say. 

  • Aug 12, 08:50 PM (IST)

    Players are out and play is set to resume after the rain and Tea break. 

  • Aug 12, 08:26 PM (IST)
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