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Japan's Kiyou Jochugiku launches 'Air Doctor' a virus repellent card in India

The product called Air Doctor contains sodium chlorite, natural inorganic substances (natural zeolite) which helps in the prevention of virus.

June 30, 2020 / 09:40 PM IST

Kiyou Jochugiku, the Japanese company that manufactures insecticides and bath salts, has launched an employee badge sized repellent to prevent viruses, bacteria and fungus within a one-meter radius.

The product contains sodium chlorite and natural inorganic substances (natural zeolite) which helps in prevention of the virus.

Air Doctor, which lasts for 30 days, can be worn around the chest or placed in a pocket or bag. The product produces antimicrobial agent chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to provide protection against airborne diseases such as influenza, cold and flu, allergy, H1N1, pneumonia, tuberculosis, recurrence respiratory infections, etc.

This product is also advisable to patients living with Asthma and immunocompromised like hypertension, diabetics, heart disease, cancer patients under chemotherapy etc. Even children, paediatric and pregnant women can use it.

The company said Air Doctor is approved by the Japan's Ministry of Health, Welfare & Labour. “It is beneficial for all citizens working in essential services. They can use the Air Doctor portable to prevent themselves from virus exposure,” said Jitendra Bhatt, CEO of Access BioImage, which distributes the product in India.

"The product can also be placed inside or outside air conditioners to prevent air borne disease,” Bhatt said.

The company claims that Air Doctor uses a combination of virus prevention, sterilisation, and deodorisation techniques.

The product is also available in two other variants that include Air Doctor Fan that has a 90-day effect and is advisable for the use in hospitals and Air Doctor Mobile which prevents virus and bad odour.

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first published: Jun 30, 2020 09:40 pm