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Giving Luis Suarez example, Sourav Ganguly urges COVID caution

If it can happen to fit professional athletes, it can happen to anyone, is the gist of Dada’s message.

November 24, 2020 / 05:46 PM IST

Sourav Ganguly and Luis Suarez both did not shy away from baring their fangs at opponents. During the announcement of his brand association with Livinguard face masks on November 24, Ganguly reiterated the risk of COVID-19 by giving the example of his kindred soul.

“It can affect the fittest of people,” the former India captain, now a tempered version of his earlier self, said in a Zoom interaction. “You look at Luis Suarez. He has got COVID-19. People say if you are young, fit and if you are training, your immunity will stay high. It doesn’t. Other footballers have tested positive too. And these are extremely fit people.”

The BCCI president said it was important to grin and bear it the next few months till a vaccine becomes available. He compared the battle with COVID to a hostile first hour of a match when the ball is bouncing and moving.

“It’s like when you lose the toss as an opener and are batting on a seaming pitch,” Ganguly said. “The ball is doing everything. You just have to see that one hour through, then it’s your time. Sports teaches you a lot. So as a society, we have to bite the bullet for the next three or four months. Use common sense. Maintain social distancing and keep yourself clean. It’s going to get tougher in the next few months. The vaccine will take a bit of time to come.”

Ganguly said he has been tested 22 times so far and was COVID-negative each time. He spent two and a half months in Dubai for the IPL.


“A lot of people are scared of testing. I had cases around me so that probably forced me to get tested. You don’t want to spread it to someone else because people are looking up to you,” Ganguly said. “I went through an entire two and a half months of the IPL and am extremely proud of the BCCI [the way the tournament was conducted]. We had almost 400 people staying in the biobubble and 30,000-40,000 tests were carried out over two and a half months.”

Despite the success of the IPL in the UAE, Ganguly said the Board will try to host the 2021 edition in India.

“We are trying. It’s a tournament for India. People spoke to me about the success of IPL [this year], but I told all of them that you have to see IPL in India to see what it means to the country. (Meanwhile) The domestic season will start shortly and England will be touring India. It’s a lot easier having bilateral series because the number of people is less. But we have to keep assessing the situation.”
Akshay Sawai
first published: Nov 24, 2020 05:45 pm

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