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Wipro tightens appraisal policy; now a single poor rating can lead to job loss

Company alters appraisal to facilitate separation after a poor rating in a single year.

May 24, 2017 / 06:43 PM IST


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Wipro, India’s third largest IT services company, has tightened its appraisal and separation policy, following protests from employees who were asked to resign because of a poor appraisal rating in the current appraisal cycle.

Under the earlier appraisal policy, employees rated ‘More Contribution Expected’ (MCE) for two consecutive years could be asked to leave. However, the company faced resistance when it asked employees with one MCE rating to resign during the latest round of lay-offs.

Consequently, on May 10 , the company’s human resource department sent out a mail which said: “MCE rating for two consecutive years is a mark of non-performance of an employee. All consequent appraisals of these employees will be blocked and separation process will be initiated for them. Nevertheless, the organization reserves the right to initiate the separation process for employees who are rated MCE for one year, irrespective of the rating the previous year. For Geos other than India, laws of the land shall take precedence and action will be taken in alignment with those laws.” The mail further said that no exception to this policy would be valid unless such exceptions are expressly approved by the CEO/CHRO of the company.

Wipro is in the process of trimming its workforce by 10 percent this year as its aims to boost productivity through automation. However, the company has called these baseless rumours.