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Trend continues: Mastertrust launches platform to invest in global stocks at zero commission

The brokerage will offer clients services such as fractional investing wherein one can by less than one share of a global stock.

August 19, 2020 / 06:08 PM IST

Mastertrust, the diversified financial services conglomerate, on August 19 announced the launch of a platform to enable Indian traders to invest in international stocks. Earlier this week, ICICI Securities and Axis Securities had also announced these offerings for their clients.

The brokerage will offer clients services such as fractional investing wherein one can by less than one share of a global stock.

"The clients are offered fractional investing facility to buy less than one share, enabling the customers to invest as low as $1 for high priced shares such as Amazon, Google, or Berkshire Hathaway," said the company in its statement.

The company offers a simplified remittance process for investors and with no restriction to maintain minimum account balance. Therefore, investors have the leverage to buy and sell at any time, it said.

Mastertrust has partnered with Vested Finance, a California-headquartered US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment advisor.

"The platform not only offers international exposure to its clients with an opportunity to invest in world's biggest stock market but also enables them to invest in US stocks and ETFs conveniently from India at zero commission," said Mastertrust.

The investors get easy access to diverse asset classes like global stocks, global bonds, REITs, treasury bonds, it added.

"Many Indian investors have a keen interest in international exposure for several benefits. The investment culture needs to be nurtured and developed by offering and helping investors with excellent opportunities and experience. I believe the investment climate in the country will considerably progress with global experience," Puneet Singhania, Director at Master Capital Services said.

On August 18, Axis Securities announced the launch of Global Investing, a smart solution platform for Indian retail investors to help them invest in the US stock market. A day earlier, ICICI Securities joined forces with Interactive Brokers LLC, a US-based online brokerage firm with multi-asset and multi-geography trading capabilities, to offer its customers the ability to invest in the US markets through a complete digital experience from onboarding to trading.

During the lockdown period, there has been a significant increase in demat accounts. Limited to their homes, many people started investing in stock markets to which was trading at multi-year lows in the fall out to COVID-19. It was one of supporting factor for the market rally.

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first published: Aug 19, 2020 12:48 pm