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Last Updated : Aug 14, 2015 10:07 AM IST | Source:

Stocks in news: Tata Steel, Ashok Leyland, PC Jeweller, IRB

IDBI Bank | Natco Pharma | IRB Infra | Hathway Cable | Tata Motors | Bharti Airtel | Tata Steel | Ashok Leyland | Essel Infraprojects | PC Jeweller and Ashoka Buildcom are stocks,| which are in news today.

Here are stocks that are in news today:

Claris Life Q1
Cons Net Profit Up 31% At Rs 20.3 Cr Vs Rs 15.5 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income Up 22.5% At Rs 191.9 Cr Vs Rs 156.6 Cr (YoY)

Shree Renuka Q1
Net Loss At Rs 272.2 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 80.6 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 33.9% At Rs 1,550.5 Cr Vs Rs 1,157.8 Cr (YoY)

Essar Ports Q1
Cons Net Profit Up 7.6% At Rs 99 Cr Vs Rs 92 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income Up 1.1% At Rs 411.7 Cr Vs Rs 407.4 Cr (YoY)
Cons Other Income Up 66.9% At Rs 40.4 Cr Vs Rs 24.2 Cr (YoY)

Net Profit At Rs 3.9 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 4.7 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 10.2% At Rs 131.5 Cr Vs Rs 119.3 Cr (YoY)

Cons Net Profit Down 28.3% At Rs 16.5 Cr Vs Rs 23 Cr (QoQ)
Cons Total Income Down 17.3% At Rs 77 Cr Vs Rs 93 Cr (QoQ)

Ahluwalia Contracts Q1
Net Profit Up 11.2% At Rs 18.8 Cr Vs Rs 16.9 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 10.9% At Rs 265 Cr Vs Rs 238.9 Cr (YoY)

Pratibha Ind Q1
Net Profit Up 99.1% At Rs 22.3 Cr Vs Rs 11.2 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 8.6% At Rs 576.6 Cr Vs Rs 530.9 Cr (YoY)

Net Profit Up 31.3% At Rs 44 Cr Vs Rs 33.5 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 36.7% At Rs 1,149.2 Cr Vs Rs 840.8 Cr (YoY)

Siti Cable Q1
Cons Net Loss At Rs 37.1 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 31.7 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income Up 9.1% At Rs 228 Cr Vs Rs 209 Cr (YoY)

Phoenix Mills Q1
Net Profit Up 27% At Rs 44.7 Cr Vs Rs 35.2 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 14.2% At Rs 86.3 Cr Vs Rs 75.6 Cr (YoY)

Panacea Biotec Q1
Net Loss At Rs 36.9 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 23.5 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 17.1% At Rs 124.8 cr Vs Rs 150.6 Cr (YoY)

Jyoti Structures Q1
Net Loss At Rs 152 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 16 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 13% At Rs 600.6 Cr Vs Rs 690.2 Cr (YoY)

IOL Chemicals Q1
Net Loss At Rs 17.9 Cr Vs Profit Of Rs 1.2 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 13.2% At Rs 137.2 Cr Vs Rs 121.2 Cr (YoY)

Unitech Q1
Cons Net Loss At Rs 281.3 Cr Vs Profit Of Rs 5.6 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income At Rs 417.5 Cr Vs Rs 1,525 Cr (YoY)
CNBC-TV18 Alert: Unitech’s YoY Number Not Comparable As Q1FY15 Had Sale Proceeds Of Unitech Corporate Parks

Vadilal Ind Q1
Net Profit Up 57.8% At Rs 21.3 Cr Vs Vs Rs 13.5 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 8.9% At Rs 183 Cr Vs Rs 168.1 Cr (YoY)

Net Loss At Rs 31.2 Cr Vs Profit Of Rs 40.8 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 60.7% At Rs 2,040.7 Cr Vs Rs 5,186.7 Cr (YoY)

Cons Net Profit Down 4.9% At Rs 121.5 Cr Vs Rs 127.8 Cr (YoY)
Cons Revenue Up 29% At Rs 2,231 Cr Vs Rs 1,725.2 Cr (YoY)
Cons Operating Profit Up 12.1% At Rs 827 Cr Vs Rs 738 Cr (YoY)
Cons Operating Margin At 37.1% Vs 42.8% (YoY)

Spice Mobility Q1
Cons Net Loss At Rs 17.6 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 70.7 Cr (QoQ)
Cons Total Income Up 1.8% At Rs 489 Cr Vs Rs 480.5 Cr (QoQ)

Ramky Infra Q1
Net Loss At Rs 63 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 87.4 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 20.7% At Rs 265.6 Cr Vs Rs 220 Cr (YoY)

Fedders Lloyd Q1
Net Profit Flat At Rs 6 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 6.3% At Rs 306 Cr Vs Rs 288 Cr (YoY)

RattanIndia Power Q1
Cons Net Loss At Rs 263.2 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 140.8 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income At Rs 300 Cr Vs Rs 145.5 Cr (YoY)

Gammon Infra Q1
Cons Net Profit At Rs 3.8 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 20.6 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income Up 41% At Rs 212.4 Cr Vs Rs 150.6 Cr (YoY)

McNally Bharat Q1
Net Loss At Rs 59.5 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 14.3 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 14.3% At Rs 468.2 Cr Vs Rs 409.7 Cr (YoY)

Lloyd Electric Q1
Net Profit Up 54.1% At Rs 34.2 Cr Vs Rs 22.2 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 15.1% At Rs 729.3 Cr Vs Rs 633.6 Cr (YoY)

MIRC Electronics Q1
Net Profit Up 22.7% At Rs 2.7 Cr Vs Rs 2.2 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 29.7% At Rs 240.9 Cr Vs Rs 342.5 Cr (YoY)

Orchid Chem Q1
Net Loss At Rs 47.6 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 60 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 10.1% At Rs 256.3 Cr Vs Rs 285 Cr (YoY)

Kirloskar Electric Q1
Net Loss At Rs 17.8 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 22.7 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 10.6% At Rs 127 Cr Vs Rs 142 Cr (YoY)

Alok Ind Q1
Net Profit Down 77.7% At Rs 9.7 Cr Vs Rs 43.5 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 9.3% At Rs 3,387.7 Cr Vs Rs 3,735 Cr (YoY)

Balalji Telefilms Q1
Cons Net Profit Down 81% At Rs 2 Cr Vs Rs 10.5 Cr (YoY)
Cons Total Income Down 44.3% At Rs 75.8 Cr Vs Rs 136 Cr (YoY)

Hinduja Foundries Q1
Net Loss At Rs 98.5 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 46.2 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 9.9% At Rs 151.4 Cr Vs Rs 168 Cr (YoY)

Finance Minister Says:
No Major Legislative Business Took Place In Monsoon Session
Monsoon Session Has Been Frustrating & Educative For Country
Chief Of Any Party Has Entered The Well Of House For First Time Ever

Finance Minister Says:
Will Be Difficult To Implement GST By Apr '16 If Passage Is Delayed Till Dec
Will Try Our Best to Roll Out GST From April 2016
Will Fully Compensate States On GST Revenue Loss For Five Years
For A Bill Like GST, Joint Parliament Session Is Not An Option
Most Political Parties Wanted Parliament To Function
Govt Is Yet To Decide When To Prorogue Monsoon Session Of Parliament
All Consuming States Are In Support Of GST

Tata Motors AGM: Cyrus Mistry Says:
Expect US & European Markets To Improve Further In Coming Days
China May Remain Under Pressure This Fiscal
LatAm & Russian Economies Will Remain Weak This Fiscal
Road Ahead Will Be Challenging For Co
Indian Auto Market May See A Gradual Improvement

IOC Says
Refinery Output Has Increased By 5.5%
All Units At 30,000 Bpd Paradip Refinery To Be Commissioned By September End
Payment Of Pending Iran Oil Dues May Happen In August

Q1 Net Realisation At USD 58.92/bbl Vs USD 47.15/bbl (YoY)
To Invest `2,819 Cr To Produce Incremental Oil & Gas From Neelam Field

P Chidambaram Says
Sushma, Jaitley Did Not Offer Any Clarification On Lalit Modi Case
Will Continue To Demand Answers From Govt Related To Lalit Modi Case
Sushma Swaraj Intervened In Lalit Modi Passport Issue
Swaraj Could Have Asked Lalit Modi To Apply For Temporary Travel Documents
‘Delhi High Court Rejected All Charges Against Rajiv Gandhi’
CBI Found No Evidence Of Rajiv Gandhi Benefitting From Bofors
BJP Blocked GST Bill For 6 Years Without Any Reason

RBI To Transfer Rs 65,896 Cr Surplus To Govt

ECB July Meeting Minutes:
Saw China & Possible US Rate Hike Fallout As Risks In July
China Developments ‘Could Have A Larger-than-expected Adverse Impact’
Risks Stemming From Greece Seen As ‘Generally Contained’
Too Early To Say Inflation Expectations Firmly Anchored Again
Financial Conditions Needed Careful Monitoring, Would Respond If Needed
Eurozone Recovery Moderate, ‘Considered Disappointing’ In Long-term View

Cyrus Mistry Says
Working With Supply Team To Increase Supply Of AMT Kits For PVs
Expect To Increase Passenger Vehicle Sales By 3x In 5 Years
JLR Engaged In Currency Hedges To Protect Against Devaluation Of Yuan
JLR To Increase Manufacturing In China To Provide Natural Currency Hedges
Aim To Put 1,000 Mobile Service Workshops On Road For PVs By March 31
Tata Motors’ Average Borrowing Cost At 10%, JLR Borrowing Cost At 3-5%
‘For Building A Company For Long-term, Must Make Some Sacrifices In Short-term’
Board Is Very Cognisant Of Not Having MD & CEO To Replace Karl Slym
Need To Find Right Chief As Tata Motors Is A Complex Business
Looking At Manufacturing More Products At Sanand Facility

FIIs Net Sell Rs 625.9 Cr In Equities Today (Prov)
DIIs Net Buy Rs 545.86 Cr In Equities Today (Prov)

Expenditure Management Commission Head Bimal Jalan Says
Making Recos To Govt To Help Achieve 3% Fiscal Deficit Target By FY18
May Submit Detailed Report To FM On Expenditure Mgmt Reforms Soon
Suggesting Long & Short-term Options To Govt On Expenditure Mgmt
DBT, Utilisation Of Payments Banks In Rural Areas Part Of Recos
Pilot Project On DBT For Kerosene, Food Subsidy Already Underway
Cashless Transfers Of Subsidies, Benefits Via Mobiles To Help Cut Costs
Trying To Make Expenditure Mgmt More Efficient To Achieve Fiscal Savings
To Submit Final Report On Expenditure Management Reforms By December

Dharmesh Mehta appointed as MD & CEO of Axis Capital

Sources Say
Govt Likely To Call Special Session Of Parliament From August 31–September 4
Govt Yet To Take Final Call On Calling Special Session Of Parliament

CNBC-TV18 Exclusive: CCI Chairman Says
Number Of M&A Deals Coming For Nod Has Increased In Past 8-10 Months
Increased Number Of M&A Proxy For Improved Business Environment
Seeing A Lot Of Intra-group Restructuring
Elaborate Corporate Structures Being Simplified; Seeing Delayering
Filing Summary Of M&A Deals Will Increase Transparency; Not Harm Cos
Have Liberalised Trigger For Seeking M&A Approval
Cos To Seek CCI Nod For Deals Only When They Approach Other Regulators
Not Aware Of Systems Followed By FSSAI
Regulators Need To Be Independent, Autonomous, Empowered, Well-staffed
Presume FSSAI Equipped As A Regulator; Govt To Look Into Deficiency If Needed
Logical That Financial Sector Regulators Consult CCI On Competition Issues
Other Regulators Need Not Worry About Consulting CCI On Competition Issues
Coal India Order Sub-Judice Not Final
Govt Opening Up Coal Sector For Mining By Cos Other Than Coal India
Divestment Of Coal India Prerogative Of Govt
Not Sitting In Judgement On How Coal India Handles Matters Not Linked To CCI
Not Looking Into Petrol, Diesel Pricing Due To Court Restrain Order
Net Neutrality More Of Policy & Sectoral Issue; Not Looking Into It Right
Received Complaint Against Ola Cabs w.r.t. Bangalore Market
Investigation Against Ola Cabs Will Have Bearing On Other Cab Aggregators
Resale Pricing Maintenance Is In Violation Of Competition Act; Looking Into The Matter
Will Seek Comments From Google On DG Report
Looking Into Setting Of TPA JV By State-run Insurance Cos
Setting Of TPA Not Anti-competitive Per Se
Looking Into Fixing Of Airfares Based On Parliament Standing Committee Reference
Have Asked DG To Investigate Fixing Of Airfares

US Data Watch
Jobless Claims For Week-ended August 8 Up 5,000 At 274,000
July Import Prices Down 0.9% Vs 0.1% Decline (MoM)
July Export Prices Down 0.2% Vs 0.3% Decline (MoM)
July Petroleum Import Prices Down 5.9% Vs 1.6% Increase (MoM)
July Retail Sales Up 0.6% Vs 0.3% Decline (MoM)

Law Ministry Says Former MP Cadre IAS Officer Om Prakash Rawat Appointed New Election Commissioner

Coal Block Auction:
Jaypee Cement Bids Highest For Majra Mine At `1,230/Tonne
Jaypee Cement Emerges Top Bidder For Majra Mine With Over `1,835 Cr

AirAsia India Says
Vijay Gopalan Resigns As CFO For Personal Reasons
Board Already In Process Of Identifying A Suitable Replacement For CFO Position

Met Dept Says
August 6-12 Monsoon Rains 31% Below Normal
August 1-12 Monsoon Rains 25% Below Normal

Ashoka Buildcon
Gets LoA From NHAI For Dvpt Of 6-Lane Eastern Peripheral Expressway On EPC Mode
Accepted Bid Value For Dvpt Of 6-Lane Eastern Peripheral Expressway At `789 Cr

Clears 23 FDI Proposals Worth Rs 10,379 Cr
Clears Mylan's Rs 4,960 Cr FDI Proposal
Clears Bandhan Financial Services' FDI Proposal Worth Rs 1,049 Cr
Clears Catholic Syrian Bank's FDI Proposal Worth Rs 1,200 Cr

PC Jeweller:
Board Approves Increase In FII Investment Limit To 49% From 24%
Board Approves Issuance Of Securities Up To `900 Cr

Global News:
Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri pledges allegiance to new Taliban Chief
Death toll from blasts in China's Tianjin City rises to 50, with more than 700 injured
Britain says to protest to Ecuador over Assange asylum
US Secy of State Kerry voices concern to Russian counterpart on Ukraine, Soleimani

International Biz
TPG close to USD 3.5 bn deal to buy Ellucian: Reuters
Musk to invest USD 20 m in Tesla's USD 500 m share sale
Sources say education software firm Instructure prepares for IPO
Roche buys 'superbug' diagnostics firm for up to USD 425 m
SoftBank acquires more shares in Sprint for about USD 87 m

Other stocks and sectors in the news
Reliance Comm likely to ink pact with Rel Jio to share airwaves - ET
IDBI Bank gets shareholders’ nod to raise Rs 26000 cr through mix of bonds and equity
Natco Pharma gets FIPB approval to raise FII cap to 31.5% from 24%
IRB Infra plans trust for projects, plans to raise Rs 15000 crore via trust - FE
Hathway Cable says FIPB Approves Increase In FII Investment Limit To 74% From 49%
Tata Motors July JLR Retail Sales Down 3% At 33,239 (YoY)
Bharti Airtel Writes To BSNL Expressing Interest To Enter Into Intra-circle Roaming Pact
Tata Steel shareholders clear proposal to raise Rs 10,000 cr
Ashok Leyland in talks to set up 2nd overseas assembly unit, in talks for a local partner
Videocon Telecom in talks to share spectrum in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana circles
IRDAI allows banks to tie up with more than one insurer
Essel Infraprojects likely to file DRHP by this fiscal

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