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Last Updated : Feb 02, 2017 12:10 PM IST | Source: CNBC-TV18

Stocks in news: M&M, Cipla, Apar, Sona Koyo, Marico, Tata Global

Tata Motors | Mahindra & Mahindra | Cipla | Marico | Tata Global Beverage | RPG Life | Cummins India | Apar Industries | Oricon Enterprises | Teamlease | NHPC and Sona Koyo are stocks, which are in the news today.

Here are stocks that are in news today:

Results today: Marico, HCC, Glenmark Pharma, Dr Lal Pathlab, Godrej Properties, Vijaya Bank, Godfrey Phillips, Aegis Logistics

Tata Global Beverage Q3 (consolidated)
-Net profit at Rs 144 crore versus Rs 65.9 crore (YoY)
-Exceptional gain at Rs 49.5 crore versus loss of Rs 10.6 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 2.6 percent at Rs 1,743.9 crore versus Rs 1,699.6 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 7.7 percent at Rs 184 crore versus Rs 170.9 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 10.6 percent versus 10.1 percent (YoY)


Pidilite Q3
-Net profit up 1.7 percent at Rs 202.6 crore versus Rs 199.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 0.8 percent at Rs 1,437.2 crore versus Rs 1,426.2 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 0.8 percent at Rs 290.9 crore versus Rs 293.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 20.2 percent versus 20.6 percent (YoY)

Equitas Holdings Q3
-Consolidated net profit up 4.2 percent at Rs 44.9 crore versus Rs 43.1 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 46.4 percent at Rs 423.8 crore versus Rs 289.4 crore (YoY)
-Provisions & write-off at Rs 29.4 crore versus Rs 52.8 crore (QoQ); versus Rs 14.3 crore (YoY)

Fairchem Speciality Q3
-Net profit down 24.3 percent at Rs 2.8 crore versus Rs 3.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 10.4 percent at Rs 43.5 crore versus Rs 39.4 crore (YoY)

RPG Life Q3
-Net profit down 87.2 percent at Rs 0.6 crore versus Rs 4.7 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 9.2 percent at Rs 66.5 crore versus Rs 73.2 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 39 percent at Rs 4.7 crore versus Rs 7.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 7.1 percent versus 10.5 percent (YoY)

63 Moons Q3 (Standalone)
-Net profit at Rs 0.1 crore versus Rs 130.8 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 10.2 percent at Rs 38.9 crore versus Rs 35.3 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA loss at Rs 30.7 crore versus Rs 37.7 crore (YoY)
-Other income at Rs 57.6 crore versus Rs 17.8 crore (YoY)

Ganesha Ecosphere Q3
-Net profit up 21.9 percent at Rs 7.8 crore  versus Rs 6.4 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 1.3 percent at Rs 168.8 crore versus Rs 166.7 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 7.4 percent at Rs 20.2 crore versus Rs 18.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 12 percent versus 11.3 percent (YoY)

Shree Renuka Sugars Q3
-Net loss at Rs 42 crore versus loss of Rs 24.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 33.2 percent at Rs 2,064.1 crore versus Rs 1,549.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA down 36 percent at Rs 54.1 crore versus Rs 84.5 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 2.6 percent versus 5.5 percent (YoY)

Apar Industries Q3
-Net profit up 54.6 percent at Rs 43.3 crore versus Rs 28 crore (YoY)
-Total income down 3.2 percent at Rs 1,247 crore versus Rs 1,288 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 26.2 percent at Rs 106 crore versus Rs 84 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 8.5 percent versus 6.5 percent (YoY)

Kaya Q3
-Consolidated net loss at Rs 3 crore versus profit of Rs 3.5 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated total income up 2.2 percent at Rs 97.3 crore versus Rs 95.2 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA loss at Rs 0.8 crore versus EBITDA profit of Rs 4.9 crore (YoY)

Himatsingka Seide Q3
-Net profit up 18.8 percent at Rs 43 crore versus Rs 36.2 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 59.4 percent at Rs 414.2 crore versus Rs 259.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 37.7 percent at Rs 85.9 crore versus Rs 62.4 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 20.7 percent versus 24 percent (YoY)

CCL Products Q3
-Consolidated net profit up 76.2 percent at Rs 45.8 crore versus Rs 26 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated total income up 34.6 percent at Rs 286.6 crore versus Rs 212.9 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA up 69.3 percent at Rs 77.2 crore versus Rs 45.6 crore (YoY)
-Consolidated EBITDA margin at 26.9 percent versus 21.4 percent (YoY)

Cummins India Q3
-Net profit up 11.3 percent at Rs 198.1 crore versus Rs 178 crore (YoY)
-Total income up 17.9 percent at Rs 1,453.3 crore versus Rs 1,233.1 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA up 31.1 percent at Rs 226.5 crore versus Rs 172.8 crore (YoY)
-EBITDA margin at 15.6 percent versus 14 percent (YoY)

January sales: M&M
-Auto sales down 10 percent at 39303 versus 43789 units YoY
-Tractor sales up 6 percent at 15909 versus 15065 units YoY
Hero Motocorp
-Total sales down 13.5 percent 4.87 lakh versus 5.63 lakh units (YoY)
-Total Sales up 47.5 percent at 4.87 lakh versus 3.3 lakh units (MoM)
Tata Motors
-Sales down 1 percent at 46349 vehicles versus 47035 YoY
SML Isuzu
-Sales up 19.6 percent at 1002 versus 838 units YoY

Coal India
-January production at 55.99 MT versus target of 61 MT
-January offtake at 51.35 MT versus target of 55.73 MT

Dishman Pharma
-Bavla facility receives establishment inspection report from US FDA
-Bavla facility was inspected by US FDA in July 2016

Other stocks and sectors that are in news today:
-Jaiprakash Power' circuit filter revised to 10 percent
-Ambika Cotton Mill discontinues its buyback offer
-Hexaware' buyback window open from February 2 to 15
-Rasoi's consolidation from Rs 10 to Rs 200 face value
-Speciality Restaurants closed Mainland China in Indore
-J&K Bank board meeting on February 4 to consider preferential allotment to government of J&K
-Advanced Enzyme board meeting on February 14 to consider stock split
-Muthoot Finance board meeting on February 13 to consider issue of non-convertible debentures (NCDs) upto Rs 2,000 crore
-Strides Shasun clarifies of not having any banking relationship with IDBI Bank since April 2011
-Archit Organosys approved rights issue in the ratio 2:1 at Rs 25 per share
-M&M's Mauritius subsidiary to acquire upto 60 percent stake in OFD instead of Mahindra Agri Solutions
-Oricon Enterprises withdraws amalgamation of Oriental containers & Oricon Properties with itself
-Cipla sold entire stake in Four M Propack held by Goldencross Pharma
-Sona Koyo Steering: Open offer to acquire 51.67 million shares at Rs 84 per share
-NHPC shutdown of Chamera-lll power station till March 31, 2017
-Vindhya Telelinks board meeting on February 10 to consider issue of NCDs worth Rs 50 crore
-Teamlease completed acquisition of Keystone business
-Apar Industries' UAE subsidiary starts production
-CCL Products to invest up to Rs 30 crore in Continental Coffee in a phased manner

First Published on Feb 2, 2017 08:00 am