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Last Updated : May 10, 2017 09:07 AM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Stocks in the news: Bharti Airtel, Dena Bank, Vijaya Bank, Arcotech, Jubilant Life

Bharti Airtel | Dena Bank | Titagarh Wagons | Jubilant Life | Kotak Mahindra Bank | Future Enterprise | Cholamandalam Investment | Vijaya Bank and Arcotech are stocks, which are in news today.

Here are stocks that are in news today:

HUDCO IPO Update: Total Subscription At 3.01x, QIB:2.96x, Retail: 4.12x Till 5 pm

Titagarh Wagons

Takes its first step to commission vessels for Indian Navy and National Institute of Ocean Technology

Jubilant Life

NGT passes order allowing company to restart operation in all units at Gajraula (except distillery unit)

Lupin Confirms CNBC-TV18 newsbreak, says got 8 observations for Aurangabad unit

Lupin says in the midst of putting together response to address US FDA observations

Kotak Mahindra Bank: Shareholders approve increasing FII investment limit to 49%

Shareholders approve issuing equity up to 6.2 cr ORE shares via rights issue

Bharti Airtel Q4
Cons Net Profit Down 25.9 percent At Rs 373.4 Cr Vs Rs 503.6 Cr (QoQ)
Cons Total Income At Rs 21,934.6 Cr Vs Rs 23,335.7 Cr (QoQ)
Cons EBITDA Down 6.7 percent At Rs 7,992.8 Cr Vs Rs 8,570.5 Cr (QoQ)
Cons EBITDA Margin At 36.4 percent Vs 36.7 percent (QoQ)
India Average Revenue Per User Down 8.4 percent At Rs 158 Vs Rs 172 (QoQ)
India Average Revenue Per User At Rs 158 Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 159
India Volumes Up 15.5 percent At 381.2 Bn Minutes Vs 330.2 Bn Minutes
India Average Data ARPU Down 7 percent At Rs 162 Vs Rs 175 (QoQ)
Africa Average Revenue Per User Down 5.1 percent At $3.70 Vs $3.90 (QoQ)
India Mobile Services Revenue Down 6.1 percent At Rs 12,971.9 Cr Vs Rs 13,813 Cr (QoQ)

Bharti Airtel CEO Says Sustained Predatory Pricing By New Telco Led To Rev Decline For 2nd Straight Qtr

Petronet LNG Q4
Standalone Net Profit At Rs 470.8 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 379 Cr
Standalone Total Income At Rs 6,365 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 6,674 Cr
Standalone EBITDA At Rs 616.2 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 656 Cr

Standalone EBITDA Margin At 9.68 percent Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of 9.8 percent

Standalone Net Profit Up 18.4 percent At Rs 470.8 Cr Vs Rs 397.5 Cr (QoQ)
Standalone Total Income Up 1 percent At Rs 6,365 Cr Vs Rs 6,299.3 Cr (QoQ)
Standalone EBITDA Up 1.5 percent At Rs 616.2 Cr Vs Rs 607.1 Cr (QoQ)
Standalone EBITDA Margin At 9.68 percent Vs 9.64 percent (QoQ)

Standalone Other Income At Rs 150.8 Cr Vs Rs 55 Cr (QoQ)

Thyrocare Tech Q4
Cons Net Profit Up 36 percent At Rs 18.9 Cr Vs Rs 13.9 Cr (YoY)

Cons Total Income At Rs 87.6 Cr Vs Rs 65 Cr (YoY)

Alembic Q4
Net Profit At Rs 2.8 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 1.5 Cr (YoY)

Revenue Up 18.8 percent At Rs 32.9 Cr Vs Rs 27.7 Cr (YoY)

Filatex India Q4
Net Profit At Rs 13.1 Cr Vs Rs 13.6 Cr (YoY)
Total Income At Rs 448.7 Cr Vs Rs 349.4 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA At Rs 37.8 Cr Vs Rs 28 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 8.42 percent Vs 8.01 percent (YoY)

Net Profit At Rs 90 Cr Vs Rs 39.5 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 49.5 percent At Rs 543.9 Cr Vs Rs 363.9 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA At Rs 148.5 Cr Vs Rs 68.7 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 28.3 percent Vs 19.5 percent (YoY)

Triton Valves Q4
Net Profit Up 33.3 percent At Rs 2.4 Cr Vs Rs 1.8 Cr (YoY)

Total Income Up 9.9 percent At Rs 44.5 Cr Vs Rs 40.5 Cr (YoY)

Kennametal India Q4
Net Profit Up 74.5 percent At Rs 8.9 Cr Vs Rs 5.1 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 15 percent At Rs 165.7 Cr Vs Rs 144.1 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 30.8 percent At Rs 15.3 Cr Vs Rs 11.7 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 9.2 percent Vs 8.1 percent (YoY)

AstraZeneca Q4
Net Loss At Rs 2.9 Cr Vs Profit Of Rs 0.5 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 29.7 percent At Rs 111.6 Cr Vs Rs 158.8 Cr (YoY)

Other Income At Rs 6.4 Cr Vs Rs 2.1 Cr (YoY)

Nitta Gelatin Q4
Net Profit Down 62.5 percent At Rs 1.5 Cr Vs Rs 4 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Down 19.8 percent At Rs 75.6 Cr Vs Rs 94.3 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 60.3 percent At Rs 4.6 Cr Vs Rs 11.6 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 6.1 percent Vs 12.3 percent (YoY)

Net Profit Down 61.5 percent At Rs 1 Cr Vs Rs 2.6 Cr (YoY)

Total Income Up 6.6 percent At Rs 37 Cr Vs Rs 34.7 Cr (YoY)

Ador Welding Q4
Net Profit Down 11.6 percent At Rs 7.6 Cr Vs Rs 8.6 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 5.1 percent At Rs 158.9 Cr Vs Rs 151.2 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Down 29.9 percent At Rs 10.1 Cr Vs Rs 14.4 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Margin At 6.4 percent Vs 9.5 percent (YoY)

Other Income At Rs 4.4 Cr Vs Rs 1.6 Cr (YoY)

La Opala RG Q4
Net Profit Down 4.9 percent At Rs 13.5 Cr Vs Rs 14.2 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 41.2 percent At Rs 76.1 Cr Vs Rs 53.9 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 1.5 percent At Rs 20.7 Cr Vs Rs 20.4 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Margin At 27.2 percent Vs 37.9 percent (YoY)

Marketing, Ad & Sales Promotion Expense At Rs 11.3 Cr Vs Rs 1.4 Cr (YoY)

Carborundum Q4
Net Profit Up 8.6 percent At Rs 44.4 Cr Vs Rs 40.9 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 11.7 percent At Rs 592.8 Cr Vs Rs 530.9 Cr (YoY)
EBITDA Up 10.2 percent At Rs 98.3 Cr Vs Rs 89.2 Cr (YoY)

EBITDA Margin At 17.6 percent Vs 17.8 percent (YoY)

Blue Star Q4
Cons Net Profit At Rs 37.2 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 41 Cr
Cons Revenue At Rs 1,383.6 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 1,302 Cr
Cons EBITDA At Rs 71.9 Cr Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of Rs 83 Cr

Cons EBITDA Margin At 5.2 percent Vs CNBC-TV18 Poll Of 6.4 percent

Cons Net Profit At Rs 37.2 Cr Vs Rs 15 Cr (YoY)
Cons Revenue Up 18.5 percent At Rs 1,383.6 Cr Vs Rs 1,167.4 Cr (YoY)
Cons EBITDA Up 19.4 percent At Rs 71.9 Cr Vs Rs 60.2 Cr (YoY)

Cons EBITDA Margin Flat At 5.2 percent

InterGlobe Aviation Q4
Net Profit Down 24.6 percent At Rs 440.2 Cr Vs Rs 583.7 Cr (YoY)
Total Income Up 18.5 percent At Rs 4,848.2 Cr Vs Rs 4,090.6 Cr (YoY)
EBITDAR Down 6.6 percent At Rs 1,449.1 Cr Vs Rs 1,551.6 Cr (YoY)
EBITDAR Margin At 29.9 percent Vs 37.9 percent (YoY)
Other Income Up 58.6 percent At Rs 293.7 Cr Vs Rs 185.2 Cr (YoY)
Load Factor At 86.1 percent Vs 85.1 percent (YoY)
Yield-per-km Down 4.2 percent At Rs 3.50 Vs Rs 3.66 (YoY)

Fuel Expenses Up 71 percent At Rs 1,750.5 Cr Vs Rs 1,023.6 Cr (YoY)

InterGlobe Aviation Says:
Signed Term-sheet For 50 ATR 72-600 Aircraft

To Induct Up To 20 Turboprop Planes By December 2018

Dena Bank Says:
New NPA Ordinance Will Go A Long Way In Helping Banks Resolve NPA Issues
NPA Problem Will Be Tackled After Several Quarters Of Worsening
Recovery In Written Off Accounts Rs 115 Cr During FY17
Q4 Net Interest Margin At 1.48 percent
Divergence Of Rs 312 Cr Noted By RBI In Asset Quality Reporting
Q4 Slippages At Rs 2,321 Cr Vs Rs 930 Cr (QoQ)
Videocon At Rs 520 Cr Was The Largest Slippage In This Quarter
Monnet Ispat At Rs 310 Cr, Ruchi Soya At Rs 125 Cr Slipped This Quarter
JP Associates At Rs 90 Cr, Amtek Auto At Rs 65 Cr Slipped This Quarter
Have Accounts Worth Rs 300 Cr That Could Slip In Q1

Cannot Say Pain In Asset Quality Is Over

Dena Bank Q4
Net Loss At Rs 575.3 Cr Vs Loss Of Rs 326.4 Cr (YoY)
Gross NPA At 16.27 percent Vs 14.79 percent (QoQ)
Net NPA At 10.66 percent Vs 9.52 percent (QoQ)
NII (RD)28 percent At Rs 450.1 Cr Vs Rs 625.1 Cr (YoY)
Provisions At Rs 972 Cr Vs Rs 484.4 (QoQ) Vs Rs 900.9 Cr (YoY)
Gross NPA (RU)11.7 percent At Rs 12,619 Cr Vs Rs 11,302 Cr (QoQ)
Net NPA (RU)13.2 percent At Rs 7,735 Cr Vs Rs 6,835 Cr (QoQ)

Provision Coverage Ratio At 50.56 percent Vs 55.40 percent (QoQ)

Videocon/Dena Bank

Videocon turns NPA for drna bank

Bajaj Finance

IFC to invest USD 150 mn in the NBFC via NCD’s


Nisaba Godrej appointed as Co. Charperson

Cholamandalam Investment

Cholamandalam signs MOU with HUDCO for home loans

Other stocks and sectors in the news
Future Enterprise allotted NCD's worth Rs 50 crore
Vijaya Bank to raise Rs 1000 crore of CET 1 Capital for the FY 2017-18Arcotech approves splitting each Rs 10 share into 5 of Rs 2
First Published on May 10, 2017 07:45 am