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This startup can detect intrusion & make a video searchable

The company's Artificial Intelligence product, Newton, can recognize, track objects and indexes them to make the video searchable.
Jul 13, 2017 / 05:23 PM IST

Imagine scrubbing through 8 hours of mostly static CCTV footage to search for a five-second incident. Or trying to count the number of people who appeared in a 30-minute video footage. Sounds daunting?

Aitoe (Artificial Intelligence Through Our Eyes) is one such startup which is trying to solve these exact problems with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning.

The company provides a visual intelligence platform through which hours of footage can be summarized into minutes by extracting key events.

Founded in 2016, the Seattle-based company has not raised any money yet. The company also provides statistics in a video such as the number of objects, people, their age and gender. It also offers a search option to search for objects, scenes, people, etc. within the video.

All this is possible through proprietary AI and deep learning algorithms developed by Aitoe Labs.

Anurag Sahoo, Aitoe Lab’s chief technology officer, told Moneycontrol that government agencies, enterprise companies, malls, etc. from US, India, Argentina, Bahrain and Hong Kong have expressed interest in their products.

"Our product and solutions can greatly benefit the defence, with applications such detecting perimeter intrusion and loitering in restricted areas, object detection, face recognition of army officers, detection of known/unknown army vehicles," said Sahoo.

The startup was recently selected in the 2017 Fall Batch of Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley.

AITOE Labs also offers analytics and security solutions for retailers. They claim their product can provide data insights such as face recognition of VIP customers, heat map, headcounts, apparel trends, conversion rates and traffic patterns.

"Our promise to retailers and malls is ‘Analytics by Day and Surveillance by Night’. Essentially, providing data to help drive targeted marketing offers to the customers arriving in stores during the day time and providing surveillance of the areas for loitering etc. in the night time," said Sahoo.

The AI can recognize and track objects. It also indexes them to make the video searchable.

It can help identify various including bridges, mountains, highway, beach and more.

Sahoo says that the company is able to hire talent and build on innovation with their current contracts. He states that the current goal is to grow than just drive profitability.

"We believe, the cascading effect of growth will be profitability,' he said.

The company is looking to begin scouting for funding.

"The funding will help us build the infrastructure and have a sustainable platform for growth. Additionally, we are looking to hire some very talented staff from the computer vision and machine learning industry which will also require capital investment," he added.

Aitoe Labs was co-founded by Rishabh Iyer, Anurag Sahoo, Mick Das and Manoj Joshi.

Rishabh Iyer, a Ph.D scholar from University of Washington holds several publications and patents in machine learning while Anurag Sahoo, an alumni of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is the main architect of Newton, the main software product of the company.

Mick Das is the chief product officer who earlier worked at HP, Microsoft and US Federal Government. Manoj Joshi held leadership roles at Salesforce and Microsoft previously.
first published: Jul 13, 2017 05:23 pm

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