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Swiggy comes out with sexual harassment policy for women delivery executives

When a harassment occurs at a customer’s location, grievous offences punishable by law will lead to the removal of customers from the Swiggy platform

November 16, 2022 / 02:43 PM IST
Representative image.

Representative image.

As female delivery workers are not protected under workplace sexual harassment laws when the harasser is a customer or third party working with the company, Swiggy has come out with a policy for such cases.

If the harassment occurs at a customer’s location, after the initial investigation is done, no other female delivery executive with Swiggy will be assigned to that customer. The customer’s number will be highlighted so that a female executive is not assigned even if the customer changes location.

Moreover, grievous offences punishable by law will lead to the removal of customers from the Swiggy platform.

“At any point, the woman delivery executive can raise a police complaint against the respondent and this policy doesn’t limit that. In such cases, we will always support the authorities in the investigation,” the company said.

“In case of a sexual harassment case arising due to customers, male counterparts, restaurant partners, and Swiggy employees, the woman delivery executive can reach out to Swiggy’s Emergency SOS number for support,” it added.

After asking for emergency assistance in such cases, the woman delivery partner can lodge a complaint with Swiggy’s on-ground team. If a Swiggy employee is the perpetrator, it would become a POSH case since the employee is bound to the company.

An initial investigation by an internal committee headed by a woman will be followed by guidance on what the delivery executive can do.

For instance, the company will help the affected delivery partner with what IPC provisions are available, support in filing a complaint, and support the authorities in their investigation.

The Swiggy delivery executive app has an SOS button that provides round-the-clock support and connects executives to an ambulance, the local police station, or the Swiggy helpline as the need arises.

Delivery executives have the option to decline deliveries if they deem an area to be unsafe, with no questions or disincentives placed.

"This process gives us intel to continuously map and avoid unsafe neighborhoods, especially for women delivery executives. Our tech team is currently working on a solution to make sure that no woman delivery partner is assigned to potentially unsafe locations," said Swiggy.
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first published: Nov 16, 2022 02:43 pm