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Start, Up and Away | Anand Jain, the man whose mobile marketing platform can help boost your business

CleverTap founder Anand Jain talks to Moneycontrol's Anchal Pathak about how the mobile marketing platform helps growth teams from various brands understand their audiences

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What does an online business need to expand its user base and ensure the target audience keeps coming back for more? Well, according to CleverTap Founder Anand Jain, using only analytics to understand user behaviour is a thing of the past.

Jain uses the example of an e-commerce website to explain. By using analytics, you can understand the user has added certain items to his or her cart; however, if they abandon the items in the cart, you can’t prompt them to take action and complete their purchase.

Here’s where CleverTap comes in. The mobile marketing platform is a unique combination of analytics and marketing which helps growth teams understand their customers as well as give them a slight nudge towards taking action. One can see Jain’s enthusiasm at cracking this valuable code as he explains," CleverTap unifies analytics, segmentation and user engagement in one platform."

As the company completes five years, Jain reminisces about a time before CleverTap, when he helmed another startup, a first-of-its-kind food blogging and discovery platform, Burrp.

“We used to work out of a one-BHK apartment in those days, people didn’t understand what we were doing.” However, Jain assures people understand the concept of a startup now better than ever. “People are leaving large companies and joining startups to explore more opportunities.”

While talking about CleverTap’s reach, Jain proudly proclaims the company reaches a billion customers each day. These end users, as Jain explains, are the customers of his customers.

Jain wastes no time in pointing out the most unique quality about Indian mobile users, “we as a community are mobile-first.” This means that for every online need that has to be fulfilled, be it shopping for groceries, booking a cab or watching our favourite shows, Indians prefer using their mobiles whereas, in the west, users are more inclined to reach out to their desktops for the same. Simply said, our entire lifestyle depends on our mobile phones.

An important lesson that he has learned during his two stints at entrepreneurship? He enthusiastically remarks he always hires people smarter than him. You can be sure they will be there to handle things.

So what is the future of CleverTap? “Our focus is on growing our team as of now.”

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First Published on Aug 23, 2018 04:25 pm
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