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I read investment books for pleasure: Groww CEO Lalit Keshre

Lalit Keshre finds investment books calming and peaceful. The CEO of billion dollar investment app Groww doesn't let the pressure of finishing books get to him. In an episode of Moneycontrol's show All About Books he shares his tips and tricks, favourite books and recommends some great ones.

Bengaluru / June 28, 2021 / 12:15 PM IST
Lalit Keshre is the co-founder and CEO of investment app Groww, valued at a billion dollars.

Lalit Keshre is the co-founder and CEO of investment app Groww, valued at a billion dollars.

A person can truly enjoy a book only when he/she lets go of the pressure of finishing a book. A lot of suggestions like these were given by Lalit Keshre, co-founder and CEO of investment app Groww, which was recently valued at a billion dollars. In a candid conversation on Twitter Spaces with Moneycontrol’s M. Sriram, he spoke about his favourite books, reading hacks and more. Here is also a list of the books he recommended.

Which books is he reading currently

“I am currently reading Absolute Power by the Indian author Sucheta Dalal. Even though I work in the markets, it tells me a lot about the stock market and exchanges from the 1990s, which I don’t know about”

Specific reading time

“Reading starts half an hour before I sleep and then there are also Sundays when I read for three-four hours.”

Dropping books

“If there is pressure to finish reading a book after buying it, then my reading will suffer and I cannot move to the next one.”

Preferred genres

“I like reading all books, but in particular I like reading simplified psychology. I don't like reading deep research psychology but books by Richard Kellar are simplified.”

Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb: a great book to gift

“The opposite of fragile is antifragile. If you drop a glass it should not only not break it should become stronger after falling down. If you are antifragile then all the adverse conditions you and your business will become stronger for every blow.”

Reading to relax

“I like reading investing books, they are my comfort books. I like reading about markets and companies.”

Recommended books

Psychology of Money is a very simple book based on common sense which everyone and you and everyone needs to know about, also 100 to 1 especially for stock picking and also The Intelligent Investor. It's the book where I started my investment journey.”

Take on fiction books

“I read fewer fiction books because it takes longer to finish them. Also with fiction books you need to remember a lot of facts while reading it.”

Book Summaries

“I find book summaries cool. I read them after I finish reading a book just to brush up on the important concepts.”

Notes while reading books

“I do highlight some important points and even when I attend meetings I write down notes but I do not go back to them, so I don't know why I write them down.”

Suggestions on being consistent reader

“By removing any constraints like I want to finish this book or I need to read this specific book. Read whatever you love to read. You need to enjoy the process of reading first.”’

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Payaswini Ranganath
first published: Jun 28, 2021 12:15 pm