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Last Updated : Nov 19, 2018 07:40 PM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

How Pitstop has pivoted from being an aggregator to providing doorstep automotive services

Pitstop has raised two rounds of funding worth $2.9 million from Blume Ventures and Goldbell Group.

Sabahat Contractor
Representative image
Representative image

Around three years ago, this Bangalore-based startup saw a gap in the automotive aftermarket services, and decided to start its journey as an aggregator of garages.

It used to certify garages, allowed them to use their software and also provided them business.

But somewhere around one-and-a half years ago, they realised that they won't be able to control the garages unless they owned it and decided to pivot into a hybrid market by becoming the provider, according to the founder of the company.


"We have two kinds of supply—one is the Pitstop suite of doorstep brands, which gives doorstep services and second is the network affiliated garages," said Mihir Mohan, founder and CEO of Pitstop, a car service and repairs provider.

The company claims that in the past 7-8 months, it has done around 7000 services as part of its extensive doorstep pilot programme in Bangalore. It is planning a pilot project in Delhi-NCR in the next few months.

As the shift towards electric cars gains momentum, Mohan said: "One of the major problem that the industry will face in next two years when we move from old mechanical combustion into the electrical vehicles. So we are very aware of this problem. So, we are trying to solve this problem by hiring experienced mechanics. The mechanics we have today have 17-18 years experience in multi-brands. Eventually, we are planning to set up training centres and we want to lead that movement."

The company recently partnered with Goldbell Group to launch auto service and repair platform in Singapore.

Goldbell Group is also an investor in the company and invested $1.6 million with Blume Ventures in the company.

Pitstop has raised two rounds of funding worth $2.9 million from Blume Ventures and Goldbell Group.

““So it was well thought out step in a longer run. Eventually what we are doing today is that Goldbell Globe is in an investor in Pitstop. They are one of the largest automotive aftermarket service there in South East Asia. So eventually we act as a technology arm for them or we provide the entire technology,” said Mohan.

The company is planning to launch doorstep services in 15 cities and  claimed to have earned revenue of around Rs 3 crore in October.
First Published on Nov 19, 2018 07:34 pm