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Hitting the Bar(sys): This robot can fix you a drink in 60 seconds!

The robotic bartender is expected to be launched in India next month, available at a price of Rs 80,000 per piece...

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For those who are too lazy to make their own cocktail or have run out of options, there is help at hand. Delhi-based tech startup Vulcantronics has designed an automated cocktail maker called Barsys which can give over 2,000 suggestions for your favourite spirits.

For bartenders who find it difficult to handle the rush at the bar on a weekend night, this robot assistant can handle the rush without a spill.

The robot takes less than 60 seconds to make one drink.

The cocktail maker has a mobile interface based on Android and iOS platforms. The robot booze maker is a brainchild of 24-year old Akshet Tewari, an alumnus of Manipal Institute of Technology.

“The mobile app of Barsys will give you around 2000 suggestions of cocktails which you can make with the spirits which are loaded in the machine,” said Akshet Tiwari, founder of Barsys. The robot bartender is expected to be launched in India next month, available at a price of Rs 80,000 per piece.


The app monitors the consumption patterns, pour quantities, and can notify the human bartender for ingredients if they are running low.

“It started as a college project during my 8th semester and then I took it forward with in-depth research of whether the product is viable, technology,” Tewari added.

The company stores the data in the cloud and it can be used to improve inventory management and develop data backed consumer insights.

The cocktails can easily be ordered by an app on a handheld device.

“If you look at robotics it’s just an extension of consumer electronics. My learning comes not from the classroom but from outside,” he said.

The robot bartender combines IT hardware with cloud-based software to prepare a cocktail faster than a human counterpart.

“The purpose of a perfect mixed drink is achieved with the help of complex algorithms used in the machine, each cocktail requiring a different algorithm,” Tewari said.

The robot also controls the liquor pour sizes and ensures properly portioned drinks and cocktails.

The pour size can be configured without bounds for a distinct cocktail taste through an app.

The machine comes in two variants named as Barsys Pro and Barsys Elite which has six bottles holding capacity and five bottles holding capacity respectively.

“It is a hardware product and the problem with the hardware product is that every time you make a change the whole supply chain changes. The biggest problem was to convince a manufacturer to give us three-four units of the material and they won’t give it us,” Tewari enumerated the challenges.

The company is targeting US and Europe as markets for its product.

“We are not trying to replace a bartender. We are combining machine intelligence with humans and when you combine this both you can achieve impossible.”

Of course, the machine cannot juggle liquor glasses like a human bartender!
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