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Ten things you need to know about Supertech twin towers demolition

Noida Twin Tower Demolition: The event is expected to generate more than 80,000 metric tonnes of waste of which around 50,000 metric tonnes will be treated on-site. The remaining will be processed scientifically at the Noida Authority's waste plant.

August 28, 2022 / 08:52 AM IST

1.   The 103-metre-tall, 32-storey Supertech twin towers in Noida were declared illegal on August 31, 2021, by the Supreme Court that ordered their demolition for violations of building norms in “collusion” with Noida officials. The towers, Apex and Ceyane, will be demolished at 2.30 pm on August 28, 2022.

2.   These towers will be the third tallest buildings in the world to be demolished. One building has an altitude of 103 metres while the other stands at 97 metres.

3      Bringing down the twin towers, which are taller than Delhi’s Qutub Minar, is one of the most challenging tasks for the six-member demolition team comprising experts from Edifice Engineering and South Africa-based Jet Demolitions as the structures are extremely strong and were built for the seismic zone IV.

Twin towers graphic

4      The demolition will be executed using the controlled implosion technique for which more than 3,700 kg of explosives will be used. These have been filled within 9,400 holes drilled in columns and sheers. Drilling has been done across almost 18 km.


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5      It is expected to generate more than 80,000 metric tonnes of waste of which around 50,000 metric tonnes will be treated on-site and the remaining 28,000 metric tonnes of debris will be processed scientifically at the Noida Authority's Sector 80 construction and demolition waste plant. Edifice Engineering, the company responsible for demolition, will transport the debris to the plant. It may take at least three months to remove all the accumulated debris.

6      The beams and pillars of the Twin Towers have been wrapped in geotextile material to minimise the impact of the blast. Steel plates, berms and 1,400 truck tyres have been placed near two residential buildings closest to the twin towers – Aster 2 and Aster 3 - and a gas pipeline that is 16 metres away from ground zero.

7      The demolition process will not last more than 12 to 13 seconds. The sound will be akin to that of lightning before it rains. The volume of the blast will be close to 150-200 decibels

8      A six-member team stationed 250 metres from the twin towers will press the final button. The explosives will take exactly 9 seconds to ignite and another four to six seconds for the structure to crumble. Chetan Dutta, a 49-year-old blaster, will be pressing the button to bring down the structures.

9      Around 5,000 residents of two societies – Emerald Court and ATS Village - are likely to be the most impacted when the structures go down at 2.30 pm on August 28. They will vacate premises by 7 am and are allowed only after safety clearance post demolition by agencies concerned around 4 pm. Around 2,700 vehicles from both societies will also be removed.

10. In view of the dust generated after the demolition, on the recommendation of the Noida Authority, the Ministry of Aviation has given its consent for the non-availability of one nautical mile of air space for aircraft to fly at the time of demolition. Noida police have banned the use of drones in city skies from August 26 till August 31 citing security reasons in view of the demolition. Drones are to be allowed beyond the "exclusion zone" of about 500 metres and that too with police permission. No humans, animals or vehicles would be allowed in the exclusion zone on August 28.

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