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Noida lift accident: Uttar Pradesh awaits Lift and Escalators Act as concerns rise

Jul 28, 2022 07:27 AM IST

The number of high-rises in Noida are increasing fast. Residents in these buildings depend on lifts. Since lift maintenance is expensive, some RWAs shift the AMC from the original equipment provider to local vendors. This, and the quality of maintenance, have the residents worried.

This is not the first lift accident in Noida. (file photo)

The recent accident where an elderly lady got injured in an alleged lift failure has worried residents in Noida, besides putting the focus back on the much-awaited Lift and Escalators Act.

On July 22, the Supertech Supernova resident got injured after a lift in her building allegedly malfunctioned and dropped from the 34th floor to the 17th floor in a free-fall. Supertech, however, denied the allegations and said that a probe is underway.

"There was only a small jerk in the lift, no free fall. The video is also available. We have a lifetime maintenance contract with Thyssenkrupp. We have written to them and their officials will inspect the lift. There was no mechanical or electrical fault in the lift," said a Supertech spokesperson.

Piyush Kalra, the woman's son, said that his mother is undergoing treatment for a slipped disc and a fracture.