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Pro Masters Virtual: Watch Subhadip Nandy’s take on Intraday Trading Simplified

In the latest edition of MC Pro Masters Virtual, we are joined by Subhadip Nandy, Founder, Quantgym Solutions.

September 18, 2020 / 01:04 PM IST
Pro Masters Virtual: Watch Subhadip Nandy’s take on Intraday Trading Simplified

Thank you for being part of Moneycontrol Pro family. Watch the Moneycontrol Pro masters virtual online summit on Intraday Trading Simplified. Click on the video to watch the recording of the event. Pro Masters Virtual are online summits designed to give our readers larger perspectives on important events and topics that have a bearing on their lives and consequently their investments Subhadip is a quantitative derivatives trader in the Indian markets. He graduated with Economics with post grad in management and computer...

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