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Three tips for freelancers for a healthy and wealthy life

Mar 17, 2023 / 07:26 AM IST

Freelancers and gig workers have the freedom to work on assignments they love the most. But their income can be uncertain and volatile. A good financial plan is necessary to tide over lean periods with low or nil income.

Freelancers need to find that hidden ounce of extra energy to push harder, given that income can be irregular, uncertain and there are no additional benefits like paid leave or medical insurance.

Devika Pathak began her journey as a marketing and content consultant eight years ago. She enjoys her work and the fact that she is free to choose what to take on and also which sector to work in. Along with that, it’s also the ability to maximise earnings based on the work and time put in, which appeals to Pathak.

Reem Khokhar has been a part time freelance writer, along with having a full time job, for many years. She took it up as a full time profession in 2018. This is not just work for her, but as she terms it, “the most organic form of expression,” which she explores by writing across the periphery of social, cultural and lifestyle-based ideas.

For Sonali Chowdhury, a freelance media professional, the ability to save time and effort by working from home appeals the most. She gets to work at her pace, while saving energy and time for her seven-year-old daughter and other commitments around managing her home.

When it comes to freelance work, it’s really about the freedom that the structure provides, be it creative or the ability to dictate the terms and time at which work gets done.