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There is no question of inducing customers to a perpetual freebie culture: Paytm Money

In future, we are planning to cross-sell services such as loan against mutual funds and loan against securities to investors on our platform and earn money

November 29, 2019 / 04:59 PM IST
There is no question of inducing customers to a perpetual freebie culture: Paytm Money

In September 2019, Paytm Money completed one year of operations. According to the company, it has added around 30 lakh users since inception till now. The firm further claims that of the total inflow into direct plans of mutual funds, around 40 per cent is contributed by it as of September 2019. In a conversation with Hiral Thanawala, Pravin Jadhav, Managing Director & CEO of Paytm Money, talks about the important learning in the last one year, changes implemented and...

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