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Office colour scheme and its probable effects on business

At the core of all successful businesses across the world are balanced, creative and innovative minds. Each individual who is part of the organization, right from the founder to the manager to the executive, plays a significant role in its growth.

Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal

At the core of all successful businesses across the world are balanced, creative and innovative minds. Each individual who is part of the organization, right from the founder to the manager to the executive, plays a significant role in its growth. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep each one of them in a positive frame of mind and ensure that all of them are not just enjoying what they are doing but are also giving it their best.

So, how can that be done? The foremost element that influences each individual is their immediate environment – the office location, their colleagues, the sitting arrangement and, of course, the colour scheme.

The colour is the most powerful stimulant for one of our most sensitive senses – the eyes, and it has a direct correlation with our thoughts. The moment somebody wishes you saying ‘have a bright and colourful day,’ your mind immediately pictures your favourite colours – the feeling is positive and leaves you with a sense of affirmation. If you will read about colours and their effects on human psychology – the colour psychology – you will understand how colours have a direct bearing on a person’s life, especially their mood and motivational levels. 

It has been proven by science, and also mentioned many thousands of years ago in ancient doctrines like Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, that many of our negative thoughts as well as unpleasant happenings are an outcome of our immediate surroundings. And among the most powerful elements that could be emanating negative energy in the surroundings are the colours. So, all those offices that are painted in happy and joyful colours and have followed the simple logic of the ancient doctrines, see fruitful results in whatever business they may be doing.

Dr Khusdeep Bansal, who has over 20 years of experience in Vastu consulting and has authored over a dozen books on the positive energies around life (including the world’s largest book on Vastu Shastra), says that most of the unsolicited effects and negative effects of unpleasant surroundings can be negated through positive colours. A positive colour has the power to absorb the negative vibes and convert them into positive vibrations. It is not just the colour of the walls or the curtains, but also the colour of the furniture and the paintings or the small flower vase that can make a difference. The employer just needs to be a little careful while choosing colours for the office. For instance, when choosing colours for a painting, you should not only go by how a certain colour would match the wall, but also as to what kind of effect it will have on your employees. After all, you would want your employees to remain in a good mood while working, as only then will your company attain its goals and make profits.

Dr Bansal further says that whether you want to bring to life an old office or are doing the interiors of a new one, painting it in lively, good and professional colours will do wonders for its looks. When it comes to choosing office colours, one should first look at the kind of office space one has. If you have a large office, you can experiment by painting it in some bright colours. However, if you have a small office, it is suggested that you stick to neutrals, pastels and light shades. Next, look at the kind of furniture you have. Ideally, you should paint the walls first and then choose furniture and accessories. However, if you already have them in place, choose a wall colour that matches them—which is common sense.

According to Bansal, if some time can be spent in understanding the significance of the five basic elements – fire, water, air, earth and sky – and their respective positions in the sixteen directions, then choosing the right colours becomes an easy task. As each element is represented by various colours, the direction dedicated to that element should ideally have more shades of that particular colour. When colours are at peace in their respective places designated by the universe, they emanate positive energy resulting in positive attitude and excitement. 

“I recently visited a new office of a corporate house. The company CEO was complaining of lethargy in employees and a sudden drop in business after shifting in the new building. I found the fault lied in the colour of the office walls. They had painted the entire office in light pink, the colour, of course, is auspicious, but is recommended only for a certain direction. The kind of business this company did actually needed colours that emanated energy and excitement. On my recommendation, they repainted the office in off white. And the results were visible within a fortnight. I received a thank you note from the CEO”, says Bansal.

Of late, many corporate houses and multinational companies have been consulting experts in the field of colours psychology, or Vastu Shastra, to ensure that the workforce on the floor stays motivated and energetic. Some companies have even changed the colour scheme of their entire branding – beginning from the colour of their company’s logo to all stationery, to the office building and even staff uniforms in some cases – in the hope of turning around fortunes.

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First Published on Jan 7, 2014 04:00 pm
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