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It is muhurat investing: The mutual fund way

Mutual funds can be bought from the long term point of view. Gold ETF buying gives you the traditional feel of buying gold without losing peace of mind.

November 06, 2015 / 05:05 PM IST

Tarun BiraniTBNG CapitalFestival season is considered to be the best - muhurat time to start new things according to Hindu calendar. A good muhurat means planets align themselves in a way that things initiated at such moment of time have high probability of being successful. Trading in the stock markets during the diwali muhurat trading is considered to bring wealth & prosperity for the year ahead. Investment in muhurat trading can be aimed at long term wealth creation. Also, there are some who do attempt a money making intraday trade, to ‘activate their good luck’ for the rest of the year.But as the old wisdom says, you cannot control your luck; one should better position himself in such a way that the odds for wealth creation are in his favour. It is better to look at the festivities and the opportune time from the point of view of long term well being of self and family. Our ancestors have advised us to buy things with a long term view. Their motive was to create wealth in the long term. However, with our fast lifestyle and jobs that leave us with very little time on hand to research and buy the right investments, one can look at expert handholding in investments – mutual funds. This may sound a bit unorthodox and not in sync with our tradition of buying gold and shares. However, we must change ourselves with times and align our traditions in such a manner that they address our needs without compromising on the underlying spirit. This year, muhurat trading need not be a gamble to ‘activate your luck’. Instead we should go back to our tradition of buying something that we can safely hold for next 10 years, if not forever. Mutual fund schemes with long term track record fit this bill.If you have not begun serious investing yet, it is high time you bite the bullet now. Do some research on your own or call up a good adviser and prepare an investment plan comprising investments in equity mutual funds. As you are looking for long term investing, equity funds are the right choice. Begin your systematic investment plans this Diwali and pledge to increase SIP amount each year at the time of Diwali. If you have been investing in mutual funds for some years now, this Diwali can be the right time to review your portfolio. List down what you own, figure out where you stand, identify winners and losers. Diwali gives you the opportunity to sit down and measure your investment performance. If you have got some bonus from your employer or have some surplus, go for a systematic transfer plan – from a liquid fund to an equity fund with a long term view. This will save you from timing risk. If your monthly income has gone up and you have not increased your SIP, do it this Diwali.Golden tradition: Traditionally people used to buy gold and silver on Dhanateras and Muhurat trading day with a sole intention to pass it on to the next generation. Instead of buying bullion gold, it is better to buy gold exchange traded fund. If you are bit unsure of the liquidity aspect of this paper gold on the exchange, invest through gold savings fund. This not only gives you exposure to gold but also reduces the pains and efforts on safekeeping of this yellow metal. There are many reports floating around saying gold may hit lower levels. Do not get carried away by these reports. What goes down, do bounce back, says the old adage. Do not forget that gold acts as portfolio insurance and one should have around 5% of his portfolio in gold. Mutual funds can help you to keep a track of changing investment climate and slowly build wealth for you. Biggest advantage of mutual fund is that they offer you a diversified portfolio across asset classes. So this Diwali do start your journey for long term wealth creature & reap the fruits of muhurat investing the mutual fund way.