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How to invest in gold when prices ride high

Gold prices at record levels: Lately, inflation seems to be cooling and the pace of rate hikes might slow down and eventually stop in 2023-24. This will bode well for gold in future

January 25, 2023 / 09:27 AM IST
Things seem positively aligned for gold, going forward

Things seem positively aligned for gold, going forward

Gold prices are soaring. In fact, they are near all-time highs. And this is resulting in conversation once again arising on whether or not to invest in gold.

Not so long ago, gold prices had fallen 20% or so. At that time, it made eminent sense to start allocating more funds to gold. But what should be done now when gold prices are near historical peaks? That is not to say that it cannot go further up, though.

First, let’s see what factors may influence gold prices, going forward.

Positive outlook for 2023