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Apna time kab aayega? The question investors ask

Right from the moment we decide to invest, it is by default that our mental calculator is activated. The pursuit of higher returns begins and the utopian scenario of 'financial bliss' looms in our minds.

Kalpesh Ashar

Kalpesh Ashar

Last month, the rap song 'Apna Time Aayega' created a lot of buzz and was a rage across all age-groups, especially the millennials, who loved the hip hop beats.

But what caught my attention were these three strong words of the song. Going a bit deeper, I thought of adding the word 'kab' in between and what emerged was a very common question - Apna time kab aayega? This question invariably keeps popping up in the mind of every new and old investor and is bound to happen as during his investment journey he encounters numerous favorable and unfavorable events which keep his anxiety levels high.


Right from the moment we decide to invest, it is by default that our mental calculator is activated. The pursuit of higher returns begins and the utopian scenario of 'financial bliss' looms in our minds.

Generally the journey begins with selection of either a conservative product like a bank fixed deposit or for the adventurous, a direct leap in the stock markets. For the pseudo - knowledgeable investor, there has always been the Insurance – cum - Investment policies which give them the feeling of having attained 'financial nirvana' as they feel their life insurance and investment needs have been met through this 'magical' product! For many, it is finding solace in buying gold or last but not the least, the urge to invest in real estate (considered to be a ‘safe haven’) Is still high in many individuals.

What is quite evident in most of these cases, is that the concepts of expectation management and risk-return have not been fine tuned in sync with the financial profile of the investor. This is where the problem starts when there is lack of proper comprehensive planning and asset allocation has not been factored in.

If the core purpose of investment which are your financial goals have not been identified from the beginning and the appropriate financial products have not been chosen to achieve them in the desired time, the platform built is fragile to say the least. True to their nature, the capital markets will go through the various bull and bear phases and so will the financial instruments chosen.

The second culprit here is improper asset allocation. Bias towards a particular asset class can have a substantial negative impact. It is a given that every asset class moves in cycles and time plays an important role. If you have time on your side, the investor will be able to wade through the tough phases. Patience is a virtue and an abstract asset that every investor should have in his 'behavioral' portfolio.

It is during these testing periods which at times can get prolonged resulting in non-achievement of goals set during that period, the raw mindset of the investor along with his financial profile both gradually start to crumble. Left with little options, the frustrated and despondent investor then starts asking the question - Apna time KAB aayega?

As evolved investors, it is high time we understand that after every bullish phase there is a bearish phase, every asset class has its period of glory followed by gloom. Preparing an appropriate personal financial plan and keeping our patience intact, most of the times we can eliminate the word 'KAB' from the question and then confidently say 'Apna Time Aayega'...

(The author is founder of Full Circle Financial Planners and Advisors)

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First Published on Mar 8, 2019 03:32 pm
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