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All you want to know about student travel insurance

Student travel insurance - With increasing number of students travelling abroad for studies, overseas student travel insurance helps you to have a smooth stay and study abroad. The premium cost offered in India is one-third of that offered by international plans.

December 10, 2013 / 02:33 PM IST

1. Why do I need overseas student travel insurance?

Every year a large number of students travel abroad to study. Keeping aside the large cost that they pay for their studies, it would be wise to safeguarded themselves against the high cost of medical treatment abroad and may put students in additional financial stress in case of any mishap.

2. What is a bail bond in student plan?

Bail bond is a provision, in case if you are arrested for bailable offence while abroad, then the policy covers your bail out amount.

3. Which are the things to look while choosing student travel insurance?

While buying a student travel insurance policy in India you should always ensure that the policy is accepted by your overseas university. Most of the university in United States allows the waiver of policy bought in India, while no waiver is offered in United Kingdom.

4. What is the eligibility to apply for student travel insurance? What is the minimum- maximum duration on the policy?

You can take the student travel insurance policy if you are between 16-30 years old, and policies are available from as short as one day to two years.

5. What is a third party administration?

Third party administration also known as TPA provides you with the most essential service of cashless medical service abroad and helps you with all your claim problems.

6. How and where can I register a claim?

Overseas hospitalisation claims are mostly cashless worldwide. You have to register a claim with TPA (third party administrator) and they will guide you accordingly.