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Moneyshastra with Devdutt Pattanaik: Debt, Equity and Karma - Chapter 2

This video series speaks of the economic heritage of India, both at a macroeconomic and micro-economic level. It will connect various mythological themes with modern ideas related to financial literacy

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Devdutt Pattanaik

Rin or debt is a fundamental concept in Hinduism. You have to repay debts before you renounce the society. So the responsibility is explained through the concept of debt. India was a trading country earlier. Many of the people who favoured these doctrines, were from the merchant class. One of the things we must remember in Hinduism is that the God is not a judge. This concept of God as judge comes to us from Christianity, from Islam, from Judaism. In India, God is not judging you.

This is a unique concept which comes from the Indian sub-continent. And therefore, our life is as part of a balance sheet. And whatever life we lead is a function. Ultimately is recorded in a balance sheet which tells us how much have we given, how much have we taken. And this will be recorded by a God called Chitragupta who becomes the God of bureaucrats and accountants. Also Yamraj, the God of Death is associated with accounting. So accounting is an integral part of Indian traditions. So you have where debt is recorded. Depending on the debt you have, if you have lots of debt in your life, you will have a life full of burden, Bojh.

Shiva's worship is associated with boys carrying Kanwar. In south India also, this Kanwar being carried as part of Shiva worship. Now Shiva is a hermit. He is like a Shramana, he is living on a mountain. He is Digambar. He does not want anything, does not want to be a part of the economic process. He does not want to do anything, he wants to be a hermit. But he marries the Goddess Shakti. And this marriage means, now he is responsible for a family and for children. Therefore Kanwar is a symbol of responsibility. This is a fundamental concept in Hinduism.
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First Published on Jun 25, 2018 09:13 pm
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