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Why should investors hold on to Coforge despite the stupendous rally?

Existing investors should definitely hold on to their position and new investors should look for correction to quietly build a position in Coforge.

September 28, 2020 / 04:52 PM IST
Why should investors hold on to Coforge despite the stupendous rally?

Highlights - Weak Q1 marred by high exposure to troubled travel & transportation vertical - Worst is behind, non-transportation verticals doing well - Strong deal wins, robust pipeline and good order backlog - Good guidance for Q2 and FY21 - Despite stock rally, relative valuation remains competitive - De-listing a high-probability event that should limit stock downside Coforge (erstwhile NIIT Technologies, CMP: Rs 2,310; Market Cap: Rs 13,993 crore) was in the eye of a storm at the onset of the pandemic...

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