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Weekly Tactical Pick | LIC Housing Finance — Rock-bottom valuation makes it attractive

HFCs are expected to see growth reviving faster than other NBFCs. LIC Housing Finance is one such case

November 27, 2020 / 09:02 AM IST
Weekly Tactical Pick | LIC Housing Finance — Rock-bottom valuation makes it attractive

Five Star raised $234 million from Sequoia Capital and private equity giant KKR

We believe housing finance companies (HFCs) are likely to see growth reviving faster than the NBFCs operating in other retail loans. The latest reported earnings (Q2 FY21) and the management commentary of LIC Housing Finance (CMp: Rs 325; Mcap: Rs 16,421 crore) reaffirm our conviction. This is why LIC Housing Finance (LICHF) is this week’s tactical pick. Though LICHF’s loan growth and asset quality are impacted by the pandemic, there are couple of positive news flow. LICHF has seen a good...

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