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TCS a must-own stock in the new normal, but rally tempers near-term excitement

TCS will emerge as a strong long-term survivor post the current tumult

July 10, 2020 / 10:00 PM IST
TCS a must-own stock in the new normal, but rally tempers near-term excitement

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Madhuchanda Dey Moneycontrol Research Highlights - COVID-19 hits June quarter revenues significantly - All verticals except for life sciences felt the heat - Weaker revenues led to margin erosion - Deal win remained healthy, and pipeline strong - TCS expects upturn from Q2 onwards - Beneficiary of vendor consolidation and strong upsurge in technology spending - Recent rally captures positives, add on every decline The Q1FY21 performance of TCS (CMP: Rs 2204, Market Cap: Rs 827,158 crore) should not worry long term investors. However, for analysts largely out of sync with...

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