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Kotak Bank: So far, it was quality, now growth to be added sweetener

For many years now, investors had been waiting to see a growth comeback in Kotak Mahindra Bank. With a promise to deliver the same, the stock is set to outperform in coming years

October 27, 2020 / 02:24 PM IST
Kotak Bank: So far, it was quality, now growth to be added sweetener

PRO Only Highlights
Quarterly performance largely backed by improved realisations
Medium-term triggers China plus and protectionist measures for tyre industry
Valuations not inexpensive; but improved medium-term outlook

Highlights - A good quarter with stable parameters - Creates enough provision buffer for future contingencies - Deliberate slowdown in some asset classes - Excellent collection efficiency, incremental asset quality pain may not be significant - After building a top class liability, the focus will be on pressing growth pedal - Adequate capital, strength of liability and strategy of growth makes it a must own Kotak Mahindra Bank (Kotak Bank, CMP: Rs1415, Market Cap: Rs 2,80,233 crore) had a decent quarter with no overt disappointment. The bank...

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