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IndusInd Bank – stellar run since our last recommendation, can it do more?

IndusInd Bank appears to be over the hump. The inexpensive valuation, therefore, merits attention.

July 29, 2020 / 02:21 PM IST
IndusInd Bank – stellar run since our last recommendation, can it do more?

Madhuchanda Dey Moneycontrol Research Highlights - Capital raising amid the pandemic to bolster CAR and increase capability to absorb shock - Asset quality picture stable, moratorium book 16 percent of loans by value - Decline in deposits reversed, but savings deposits need to catch up - Asset quality tilting towards high yield retail, positive for margin - Provision cover comforting - Management’s strategy of risk aversion and focus on quality comforting - Undemanding valuation calls for a gradual buy on market weakness IndusInd Bank (IIB) (CMP: Rs 526, Market Cap:...

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