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Last Updated : Jun 22, 2019 11:38 AM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Yoga – Not only healthy but also a wealthy habit

Yoga finds a balance between your conviction, excitement, hope, regret and other emotions and helps to keep them in check to prevent hazardous bets.

Moneycontrol Contributor

Jimeet Modi

Peter Lynch once said that the trick is not to learn to trust your gut feelings, but rather to discipline yourself to ignore them. And this very discipline comes from nothing else but yoga.

Practicing yoga teaches patience and control which aligns your mind, body and soul to become a disciplined and successful trader. Disciplining your body is the key for attaining success in the stock market. The human mind and body are connected, and if you are able to discipline your body through regular yoga and meditation, your mind will automatically sync, and as a byproduct, it will attain discipline and calmness through yoga.


A battle of trading or investing is nothing but a methodical strategical approach to making money. A yogic mind becomes more disciplined to clearly demarcate investing and trading, which is the most important step for success in the capital market. Yoga creates the positivity that is needed to attain spiritual and financial wellbeing.

The single biggest reason why traders lose money is because of over trading , which is trading beyond their means. Traders who practice yoga will be calmer and more conservative, which will allows them to make sound decisions. Having control over the mind can also prevent faulty trades and reckless decisions.

A correlation can be made from the epic Mahabharata when Yudhishthira put Draupadi at stake due to his addiction for gambling. If he had control over his mind, things would have turned out differently. Trading can become an addiction if not practiced with caution. There are umpteen number of traders who are crying from bankruptcy since they have lost tons of money due to the leverage taken towards hasty irrational trades.

Additionally, panic buying and selling of stocks will more often than not make them lose money gain and gain. Hence, to maintain holistic success and happiness, you need to practice yoga and meditation.

Throughout history, there have been legends and ace investors who have practiced yoga to unwind themselves and get back the mojo to make money. Even now, Vijay Kedia, Vallabh Bhansali, Sanjay Bakshi and many others follow and endorse yoga.

Yoga finds a balance between your conviction, excitement, hope, regret and other emotions and helps to keep them in check to prevent hazardous bets. Moreover, a trader's psychology is his mental state that helps dictate if a trade is a winner or loser.

Fear and greed are the masterminds behind the discipline and risks taken by a trader. These form the very core of a trader’s strategy and hence emotions need to be stable in order to make wealth and yoga will certainly play an integral part of their journey.

Health is wealth — a famous proverb which the wise used as they considered health as an investment to create wealth. Yoga is indeed a mental game changer as it tames the mind by channelising a million thoughts, promotes productivity, combats negative emotions and improves mental clarity, which all boil down to a person having a good soul.

And a good soul with the right attitude can enrich you with all the wealth in the world. Relieve stress, find a sense of calm, and use yoga to support the healthiest, happiest and best version of Y.O.U. so that you can trade your way to billions.

(The author is CEO & Founder of SAMCO Securities.)

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First Published on Jun 22, 2019 11:32 am