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Top Performing smallcases of August 2022

Smallcases are model portfolios of stocks/ETFs curated by SEBI-registered investment professionals based on a theme, sector, or strategy. This modern investment instrument helps investors build long-term diversified portfolios

September 05, 2022 / 10:15 AM IST
Representative image.

Representative image.

The month of August commenced on a flat note with the Indian share markets showcasing a range-bound pattern. Benchmarks edged to the lower side as investors looked for clues in the US inflation data on rate hikes from the Federal Reserve.

The second week of August saw a similar start with the markets opening on a flat note. However, as the session progressed, the Indian markets extended gains and eventually ended on a high note. It could be attributed to the consistent participation by FIIs as they continue to remain bullish on the ability of the Indian economy to tide over tough times like inflation that’s haunting the western markets.

The third week opened on a negative note and continued to extend its losses even as the session progressed. Benchmark indices crashed due to the fear of interest rate hikes born out of comments made by the US Federal Reserve officials.

The final week of August saw the markets in deep red. Indian markets continued their downward trend and ended 1.5% lower. Almost all sectors came under pressure, causing the benchmark indices to fall. Most selling was led by IT and realty stocks due to the US Federal Reserve signalling aggressive rate hikes.

Let’s take a look at the smallcases that managed to deliver returns despite volatile market conditions.

Omni Bharat Defence

Managed by: Omniscience Capital

Returns: 12.73%

Strategy: small-cap

A curated portfolio of defence companies with strong technology moats, such as torpedoes and missiles, aircraft carrier, fighter jets, submarines, electronic systems, etc.

This portfolio aims to leverage the opportunities brought forward by the fact that India has the world’s third largest defence budget.
Omni Bharat Defence smallcase by Omniscience Capital

Mid and Small Cap Focused Portfolio

Managed by: Niveshaay

Returns: 9.29%

Strategy: Small-cap

This portfolio contains mid and small cap companies available at reasonable valuations with a strong market hold.

This portfolio comprises of basket of 15-20 small and mid cap focused stocks with great business potential.
Mid and Small Cap Focused Portfolio smallcase by Niveshaay


Managed by: Stayvan

Returns: 9.0%

Strategy: Large-cap

STAYVAN introduces (1st time in India), Upfront + SIP strategy for investing directly in stocks.

This smallcase has 4 independent stocks from different sectors and different market cap, all ranging between Rs. 100 - Rs. 300.

This smallcase follows a unique STAYVAN SIP strategy designed to provide comparative better returns over a decent period of time. Not recommended for short-term investors.
SABKA STAYVAN smallcase by Stayvan

Cyclical Bets Smallcase

Managed by: Aurum Capital

Returns: 7.98%

Strategy: Small-cap

This smallcase focusses on cyclical sectors which have staged a turnaround and are expected to do well.

This smallcase comprises of a diversified list of 15-20 stocks of different sectors that are in the early stage of a turnaround and expected to do well in the medium and long-term.
Cyclical Bets Smallcase smallcase by Aurum

Mi_NNF10 Momentum

Managed by: Weekend Investing

Returns: 6.97%

Strategy: Large Cap

This is a 10-stock rotational momentum monthly rebalanced smallcase within the NNF50 index.

The objective is to create sizeable alpha with liquid stocks from Nifty Next 50 using the momentum logic.
Mi_NNF10 Momentum smallcase by Weekend Investing

smallcases are model portfolios of stocks/ETFs curated by SEBI-registered investment professionals based on a theme, sector, or strategy. This modern investment instrument helps investors build long-term diversified portfolios. smallcases have been successful in making stock investing easy by giving investors exposure to popular investment strategies, market segments, sectors, and risk profiles.

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first published: Sep 5, 2022 10:15 am