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Last Updated : Aug 23, 2019 05:35 PM IST | Source: Moneycontrol.com

Sitting on a large cash pile? Here are 9 top performing PMSes to make the most of your investments

PMS is an effective tool for individuals with hordes of cash hoping to earn above-average returns from their savings.

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Representative Image

Is high liquidity giving you sleepless nights? Are you the one with a high-risk appetite who wishes to have a portfolio tailored to suit your financial needs and goals?

Keep calm, and let Portfolio Management Services (PMS) handle it.

PMS is an effective tool for individuals with hordes of cash hoping to earn above-average returns from their savings.


The returns are similar to mutual funds but offer investors more breathing room as it lets you customise your portfolio, choose from a basket of instruments (debt or equity) and offers you a higher degree of transparency.

However, to go the PMS route, one must have an opening purse of at least Rs 25 lakh.

And, while there is an array of brokerages that offer PMSes, selecting the right provider for you can often be a daunting task.

PMS AIF World, a research-based wealth management firm, has shortlisted nine best-performing PMSes in its quarterly report "Investonomics" across three categories – PMSes that generated maximum returns in the last five years, low-risk high return PMSes and PMSes having high-quality midcap portfolios.

According to the report, Motilal NTDOP, ASK IEP and Narnolia 3T generated the most returns in the last five years.

Source: PMS AIF World

IIFL MultiCap, Ambit Coffee Can and ALFAccurate AAA topped the list for low-risk high return PMSes. Meanwhile, Ambit Good and Clean, Motilal IOP1 and Reliance Emerging India were touted to be the best high-quality midcap PMSes.

Source: PMS AIF World

To derive the best PMSes, the wealth management firm screened over 100 providers, of which only 35 PMSes made the initial cut.

Each PMS had to meet the minimum criteria of two years of performance, Asset Under Management (AUM) of at least Rs 100 crore, existence of a strong team and not taking undue risks.

The handpicked PMS were further filtered by the firms 4Ps – philosophy, portfolio, performance, and price of the products.

Note: PMS mentioned in the low-risk high return category are derived from comparisons within the space. 

Disclaimers: The data analysed by PMS AIF World is up to June 30, 2019.

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First Published on Aug 23, 2019 12:04 pm