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Personal Finance: Managing risk to reach your financial goals comfortably

Create a checklist to make sure that you stick to the short- and long-term investment goals that you have set for yourself 

December 03, 2021 / 11:23 AM IST
Personal Finance: Managing risk to reach your financial goals comfortably

When the market movement is lopsided, investors tend to lose sight of the purpose of investing. It would be really handy to keep aside a checklist that could bring back your focus to your purpose and goals for investing.    A checklist would help one to a) rebalance, b) assess the health of your portfolio, and c) to trim or cut excesses in products and categories.   Here is a checklist that will help you to reach your financial goals comfortably by reducing risks as and when possible.  Reaching goals should be the priority of every investor.  Stick to Asset Allocation   Investing should not be done unless you have a clearly defined asset...

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