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Options Trade | A non-directional options strategy in Nifty 

Nifty is expected to remain sideways within our range. A Double Butterfly (Asymmetrical) trade to capitalise on very high volatility.

September 22, 2022 / 07:02 AM IST
Options Trade | A non-directional options strategy in Nifty 

Krishna Ventures: Krishna Ventures approves first phase of capex for HVAC and sheet metal plant in Greater Noida. The company said the board of directors has approved total capex of Rs 10 crore in first phase, for establishing plant of HVAC and sheet metal in Greater Noida. The plant is expected to commence the commercial production from third quarter of 2022. The company had participated in a tender from ordinance factory Medak Hyderabad for turret pneumatic equipment and has technically qualified as the lowest financial bidder. This is the trial order and the total annual revenue expected will be approximately Rs 30 crore from the HVAC/Sheet metal business.

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